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Jessica Luczycki | Canada | Work Smart & Embrace The Future

Co-Founder at Part3 | Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

In the bustling world of construction, Jessica Luczycki stands out as a trailblazer. From her early days at EllisDon managing iconic projects like the Yorkdale Mall expansion, to her pivotal role at MMC Architects and Diamond Schmitt, Jessica has honed her skills in project management and contract administration. Fast forward to 2020, Jessica co-founds Part3, a game-changing collaboration tool that simplifies contract administration. Imagine a tool where consultants, owners, and contractors unite seamlessly, whether offline or online. Part3 is just that, born from Jessica's vision and a team of tech and construction leaders. Under her guidance, Part3 is integrating AI to streamline workflows, making lives easier in the industry. Jessica's strategic foresight envisions an industry where sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand, supported by cutting-edge technology. Jessica's journey began at EllisDon, where she worked on major projects like the Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport and the Munk School of Global Affairs. She tackled challenges head-on, from managing intricate construction issues to ensuring projects met high standards.

Her experience at MMC Architects saw her overseeing new builds and renovations across Southern Ontario, coordinating with consultants, contractors, and clients to ensure seamless project execution. Each role sharpened her skills, preparing her for a bigger leap.

In May 2020, Jessica co-founded Part3, a tool that revolutionizes contract administration in construction. Imagine a world where every construction project runs smoothly, with all stakeholders connected effortlessly, whether they’re online or offline. Part3 makes this vision a reality. Jessica and her team at Part3 are harnessing AI to tackle the industry's most tedious tasks, like reviewing hundreds of documents. By streamlining workflows, Part3 helps users work more efficiently and stay focused on what truly matters.

Jessica foresees a future where sustainability and technological innovation drive the construction industry. She’s excited about AI's role in enhancing project control, profitability, and efficiency, ensuring that consultants can maintain their profits even on long-term projects. As a co-founder, she understands the importance of building a team that believes in the product and is excited about the journey.

As Part3 continues to grow, Jessica is looking to partner with companies across Canada and the United States. With new ventures on the horizon, she invites everyone to join this exciting journey, where innovation and collaboration shape the future of construction.

Jessica Luczycki's story is a testament to the power of vision, collaboration, and technological innovation in transforming industries. Her journey from project coordinator to co-founder of a groundbreaking tool inspires us all to think big, work smart, and embrace the future.

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