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Jenna Earnshaw | Canada | Relentless Pursuit

Scaling @ Wisedocs - AI Medical Summaries

Cofounder | Women & Veteran Led

In the bustling world of tech entrepreneurship, Jenna Earnshaw stands as a beacon of innovation and determination. As the Co-Founder and COO of Wisedocs, she orchestrates a symphony of daily operations and strategic maneuvers, navigating the dynamic landscape of AI medical summaries with finesse and vision. Her journey began as a driving force behind various ventures, from advising and investing in promising startups to spearheading sales initiatives at Railz and PartnerStack. With each role, Jenna honed her skills, becoming a seasoned navigator of the entrepreneurial terrain. However, it was her tenure at Showpass where Jenna truly left her mark. As the eighth employee, she played a pivotal role in shaping the company's policies, marketing strategies, and sales initiatives. Under her leadership, Showpass soared to new heights, capturing untapped markets and revolutionizing the ticket commerce platform. But Jenna's ambitions didn't stop there. Fuelled by her passion for innovation, she co-founded Taski, a revolutionary short-term job network, where she led the charge in developing a groundbreaking SaaS platform and nurturing a thriving community of skilled workers.

Throughout her career, Jenna's relentless pursuit of excellence has been unwavering. From orchestrating UBC's largest events to leading AMS Events Committee, she has demonstrated an unparalleled ability to execute with precision and drive results.

Now, at Wisedocs, Jenna's vision is clear: to revolutionize the insurance industry through AI and machine learning. With a cutting-edge Medical Record Summary Platform, she aims to streamline claims processing, empower insurance carriers and legal firms, and enhance patient experiences.

But Jenna's journey is far from over. With a firm belief in adaptability and continuous learning, she embraces the challenges of tomorrow, poised to lead Wisedocs into a future of boundless growth and innovation.

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