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Jelynn Dela Cruz, MLA | Canada | Fresh Perspective

Radisson’s @ndpmanitoba - MLA. | Former Union Leader

Non-Profit Worker | Accessibility Advocate | People First

Meet Jelynn Dela Cruz, a dynamic force in Manitoba's political landscape and a true champion for her community. Raised in the vibrant Radisson neighborhood of Winnipeg, she embodies the spirit of a first-generation Canadian, carrying with her a deep sense of pride and responsibility. Before her historic election victory in 2023, Jelynn dedicated herself to serving others. At L'Arche, a nonprofit organization committed to empowering individuals with disabilities, she found purpose in creating inclusive spaces and meaningful opportunities. Her passion for advocacy and community engagement was further honed during her tenure as a board member and senator at the University of Manitoba.

As the former President of the Students' Union, Jelynn led with determination, advocating for the needs of over 25,000 members. Under her leadership, initiatives to enhance public transit, expand health coverage, and provide legal support flourished, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to social justice and equity.

Jelynn's journey to the political arena was fueled by a desire to effect meaningful change and amplify the voices of her community. Her victory in the Radisson riding not only made her the youngest woman ever elected to the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba but also marked a significant milestone in Manitoba's political history.

Drawing from her rich experiences in student politics and community advocacy, Jelynn brings a fresh perspective to the table. She understands the pressing issues facing young people today, from the rising cost of living to access to healthcare. Through her work, she strives to empower the next generation to raise their voices, driving positive change for a brighter future. As she continues to champion the interests of her constituents, Jelynn remains deeply rooted in her values of compassion, integrity, and inclusivity. Her journey from community activism to provincial politics serves as an inspiration to all those who believe in the power of advocacy and the importance of serving


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