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Janyelle Marie Milton | Detroit | Invest Time & Effort

Footwear Designer | Founder

My name is Janyelle Marie Milton, and I am the founder of J Marie Premium Sneakers. Our brand is built on the values of style, quality, and sustainability. We take pride in our innovative designs and craftsmanship, offering fashionable sneakers that cater to the premium women like myself. The journey of J Marie began with a personal need. As a young woman, I had always loved wearing heels for the feminine touch they added to my look. However, as I transitioned into corporate life and faced health challenges like multiple sclerosis and vision loss, heels became painful and uncomfortable for me. I sought an alternative that combined style, comfort, and quality, but I couldn't find anything that fit my needs among existing sneaker brands. Driven by my passion for fashion and a desire to create a solution, I decided to start my own premium sneaker brand. Combining the initials of my first and middle name, J Marie was born. Our sneakers are meticulously handcrafted in Italy, specifically in the renowned Shoe Valley district of Le Marche, known for its century-old tradition of Italian shoemaking excellence. Every pair of J Marie sneakers is a testament to our commitment to quality. We source pristine leather from Italy, ensuring a smooth, comfortable, and visually stunning end product. Italian leather is renowned for its exceptional quality and is favored by top brands worldwide. We wanted to capture that same level of excellence in our sneakers. Since the inception of our brand, we have received recognition in the media, including being featured on as "Black Female Designers to Watch" and "Luxury Sneakers for Spring!" This recognition speaks to the unique and premium nature of our products. At J Marie, we believe that you don't have to compromise style or comfort. Our sneakers offer a versatile option that can be dressed up or down, providing premium women with an alternative to traditional heels. We are proud to offer a range of designs that combine fashion-forward aesthetics with the utmost attention to quality and craftsmanship.

Discover the story behind J Marie and explore our collection today. Experience the fusion of style, comfort, and quality that sets our premium sneakers apart.

What were the biggest initial hurdles you faced and how did you overcome them?

As the founder of J Marie Premium Sneakers, I encountered several significant challenges in the early stages of building my brand. One of the biggest hurdles was finding a balance between style, comfort, and quality in my sneakers. Existing options in the market didn't meet my standards and vision. To overcome this challenge, I took matters into my own hands and decided to create my own premium sneaker brand. I invested time and effort into research, design, and sourcing the finest materials. By combining my passion for fashion with a commitment to craftsmanship, I was able to develop sneakers that aligned with my vision and provided the style and comfort I was seeking.

Another hurdle I faced was establishing credibility and recognition as a new brand. Breaking into the competitive fashion industry can be daunting, especially for a small business. However, through persistence and strategic marketing efforts, I gained visibility and secured media features, such as being recognized on These acknowledgments helped to build trust and validate the quality and style of J Marie Premium Sneakers. Overall, the key to overcoming these initial hurdles was perseverance, determination, and a willingness to take risks. By staying true to my vision and continuously refining my products, I was able to overcome challenges and establish J Marie as a reputable brand in the premium sneaker market.

What advice would you offer to young individuals, both locally and internationally, who are embarking on their careers or pursuing their passions?

My advice to young individuals pursuing their careers or passions is to believe in themselves and never give up.

Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, stay dedicated to their goals, and be willing to take risks.

Surround themselves with supportive and like-minded people, and continuously seek knowledge and skills to enhance their expertise. Lastly, follow their passion wholeheartedly, as it is the driving force behind their success and fulfillment.

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