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Jamila Acheampong | USA | Passion, Determination & Innovation

Founder and Brand Director at Kahmune | Entrepreneur

Jamila Acheampong's journey to founding Kahmune is a story of passion, determination, and innovation. It all started when she, out of sheer frustration, painted a pair of white pumps to match her skin tone. Recognizing that she wasn't alone in this struggle, she decided to create a solution for women everywhere. In 2016, Jamila launched Kahmune, a luxury footwear brand offering shoes in ten different shades of nude to cater to every woman's unique complexion. Her vision was simple yet revolutionary: no woman should ever have to settle for a "nude" that doesn't match her skin tone.

Jamila, an experienced accounting specialist with a background in finance from the University of Southern California and Kingston University, combined her professional skills with her entrepreneurial spirit to build Kahmune from the ground up.

The brand's mission is clear: whether you prefer flats or heels, Kahmune ensures you have a stylish option that matches your skin tone perfectly.

From her previous roles in finance to becoming the Founder and Brand Director of Kahmune, Jamila has shown that with the right blend of expertise and passion, one can drive significant change in the fashion industry.

Today, Kahmune is not just a brand; it’s a movement towards inclusivity and representation in fashion.

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