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Jackie Aina | USA | Inclusivity & Representation

Co-founder @forvrmood | Professional Makeup Artist | Advocate

YouTube Superstar | Speaker

Meet Jackie Aina, the powerhouse beauty YouTuber reshaping the beauty industry one video at a time. With a blend of humor, honesty, and unapologetic glam, Jackie has become a beacon of representation for people of color in the cosmetics world. Born to an African-American mother and a Nigerian father, Jackie's journey into the beauty realm began as a means of self-expression and escape during a challenging period in her life. Her YouTube channel, launched in 2009, quickly became a platform for her to share her passion for makeup and connect with like-minded individuals.

Jackie served in the United States Army Reserve, where she discovered her knack for makeup artistry. Despite facing challenges and criticism regarding her complexion in the beauty industry, Jackie persisted, using her platform to advocate for inclusivity and representation.

Jackie's advocacy extends beyond her YouTube channel, as she actively critiques the lack of diversity in cosmetics companies' product ranges. Through collaborations with brands like e.l.f. Cosmetics, Sigma Beauty, Too Faced, and Anastasia Beverly Hills, she's worked to expand shade ranges and create products specifically designed for people of color.

Her efforts haven't gone unnoticed, as she's been recognized with awards like the NAACP Image Award for "YouTuber of the Year." But for Jackie, it's not just about accolades—it's about creating a space where women of color feel seen, heard, and empowered.

At, fans can find an exclusive community, insider opportunities, and content that celebrates diversity and beauty in all its forms. Whether she's sharing makeup tutorials, tackling societal issues, or collaborating with top brands, Jackie's mission remains the same: to inspire confidence and uplift women of color everywhere.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @jackieaina


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