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Izzy Obeng | United Kingdom | Nurturing Inclusivity In Entrepreneurship & Beyond

Entrepreneur | CEO @foundervine + NED @mission44

Forbes 30 Under 30 | Speaker

Meet Izzy Obeng, the dynamic Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Foundervine, based in London, England. A seasoned entrepreneur and advocate for diversity, Izzy has dedicated her career to empowering underrepresented communities in the startup landscape.

As the CEO of Foundervine since October 2017, Izzy has spearheaded the launch of accelerators across the UK, providing crucial support to early-stage companies. Her mission is clear: to give entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds access to networks, mentorship, and financial support. Foundervine's impact has been profound, with over 5,000 leaders equipped with new skills, 300 entrepreneurs launching businesses, and capital raised for their ventures.

Izzy's commitment extends beyond Foundervine. She serves as a Member of the Investment Advisory Committee for the £25m Growth Impact Fund by Big Issue Invest and acts as an Advisor to Lloyds Banking Group.

In 2021, Izzy joined the Hamilton Commission, a significant initiative led by Sir Lewis Hamilton to enhance Black representation in U.K. motorsport. She's also a scout for Ada Ventures and a Non-Executive Director for Capital Enterprise.

A One Young World Ambassador and a member of the Race Equality Commission, Izzy has earned recognition in major publications, including BBC, The Telegraph, The Times, and Forbes, where she was listed in the 30 Under 30 list for Social Impact in 2022.

Izzy's journey is marked by her role as an advocate for diversity, a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs, and a force for positive change in the entrepreneurial landscape. Her impact resonates far beyond boardrooms, reflecting in her dedication to fostering a more inclusive and thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Izzy Obeng

Instagram: @izzy.obeng


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