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HRM Queen Vickylextar Beatrice Naa Manye Fofo Okang-Sowah | Ghana & Canada | Living Legacy

Updated: Mar 11

Chief Executive Officer at VertexWorld | Governing Head of the Omanye Royal Kingdom

100 Most Notable Women Africa 2024

Her Royal Majesty Queen Vickylextar Beatrice Naa Manye Fofo Okang-Sowah stands as a paragon of leadership and empowerment, guiding the esteemed Omanye Royal Kingdom with unwavering grace and wisdom. Born into the illustrious Dowuona Royal Family of Osu and the esteemed Okang-Nmashie Royal Family of Jarasɛɛ, La, in Ghana, West Africa, her royal lineage is steeped in centuries-old tradition and rich cultural heritage.An astute entrepreneur and visionary leader, HRM Queen Vickylextar assumes the esteemed position of CEO at VertexWorld, a multinational provider of Professional Services. Under her guidance, VertexWorld has flourished into a beacon of excellence, offering invaluable services such as psychological trauma care, leadership training, conflict resolution/reparations, and change management. Her steadfast commitment to VertexWorld's success mirrors her dedication to nurturing the prosperity and well-being of the Omanye Royal Kingdom.

Passionate about unlocking the latent potential within every individual, HRM Queen Vickylextar tirelessly endeavors to empower those around her. Her leadership philosophy is rooted in the belief that true empowerment lies in accountability and the power of choice. By encouraging individuals to embrace their inherent blessings and make conscious decisions, she fosters a culture of personal responsibility and self-actualization.

In her capacity as the CEO of VertexWorld, HRM Queen Vickylextar has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at fostering personal and professional growth. From leadership development programs to trauma care services, her innovative approach to problem-solving has garnered widespread acclaim and admiration. Her leadership style, characterized by a blend of firmness, compassion, and a deep-seated commitment to excellence, serves as a guiding light for both her subjects and colleagues alike.

HRM Queen Vickylextar's philanthropic endeavors extend far beyond the confines of VertexWorld, as she remains deeply committed to making a positive impact on society. Through her Women's Empowerment Initiative, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5, she seeks to eradicate discrimination, violence, and exploitation against women and girls. By creating a safe and nurturing environment for women to explore their potential, she paves the way for a more equitable and inclusive society.

At the heart of HRM Queen Vickylextar's initiative lies the belief in the power of healing and empowerment. Through her Women's Empowerment Initiative, she addresses the unique challenges faced by women, from trauma and addiction to self-esteem issues and beyond. By providing a platform for women to share their stories, find support, and access resources, she empowers them to reclaim their agency and chart a path towards a brighter future.

As a testament to her unwavering commitment to social impact, HRM Queen Vickylextar has devoted alots of time supporting survivors of trauma and abuse. Her initiative provides a safe space for individuals to seek healing and support, offering counseling services, educational resources, and community outreach programs. Through her tireless efforts, she has helped thousands of individuals overcome adversity and reclaim their lives. In addition to her philanthropic endeavors, HRM Queen Vickylextar is a staunch advocate for youth empowerment and leadership development. Through mentorship programs, leadership workshops, and educational initiatives, she empowers the next generation of leaders to realize their full potential and become agents of positive change in their communities. Her commitment to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow reflects her unwavering dedication to creating a brighter and more prosperous future for all. Believing in the African concept of Ubuntu, HRM Queen Vickylextar emphasizes the importance of collective empowerment and solidarity. Her initiative seeks to foster a sense of community and mutual support, where individuals come together to uplift and empower one another. By celebrating each other's successes and supporting each other's endeavors, she envisions a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

Through her groundbreaking initiatives and exceptional leadership, HRM Queen Vickylextar has shattered barriers, championed causes, and significantly contributed to positive change. Whether as a reigning Queen, accomplished business executive, philanthropist, or community leader, her impact on society is profound and enduring. As she continues to lead by example and inspire others to follow in her footsteps, she leaves an indelible legacy of empowerment, healing, and collective success for generations to come.

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