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Hassan Farouq Sabri | Kenya | Massive Potential

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Teacher | Poet | Writer | Thespian

My Name is Hassan Farouq Sabri. A teacher by profession who was born in the year 1994 and raised in Mombasa, Kenya. Growing up in Mombasa has been a wonderful thing that has happened to my life.

I grew up in a place called Kongowea, Nyali Subcounty Under the care of My Uncle (Jidee) and Aunty (Khale) (My foster parents). I grew up in a strict Islamic and conservative home where my Foster parents feared the world around me due to different social vices that were prone to growing children like Drug abuse, truancy, theft and the likes. As a matter of fact, until now, this is still experienced in the harsh Mombasa Community. Under strict supervision, I thank God my Education attainment has not been a challenge at all since my Jidee made it a priority over anything in my life. I was moulded in an Education home as back then my dad owned a school called Azhar Nursery School. I went to Florist Academy, Mombasa and pursued my primary level in 2008. I was admitted in Allidina Visram High school, Mombasa and finished my secondary level 2012 as my High school teachers championed me to pursue an Education career. I was admitted to Moi University, Eldoret 2013 to pursue Bachelor of Education (arts) Majoring IRE and Kiswahili and graduated 2018.

Through my learning experience, I have been a confident, aggressive and go-getter student because I believe I am destined for greatness. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Education (Education Administration) at the University of Nairobi. All this is through God, my foster parents, diligence and hard work. I have taught in different schools in Kenya like Light Academy, Mombasa, Abrar High School, Eldoret, Young Muslim High School Garissa among others. I am currently out of classroom teaching and I am working as an Educational Development Coordinator at Young Muslim Association where we make sure our schools are in the right direction in accordance to the Ministry of Education.

As a teacher, I always take the responsibility of motivating my students. I mostly deal with the age group between 14-18 years. This is a very delicate group and a lot of focus is needed to help them. I really try my best to make my students feel and know the purpose of life. I always champion for self-awareness and self-actualization, that they are super capable of changing the negative narratives not only in their communities but world at large.

Discipline is a code of conduct that in our profession i.e. teaching profession leads in every bar. I am at the forefront to impart discipline not only in my students but also the people around me who I can approach. I do this in my classes and at an individual level. I have or I interact with so many teenagers with different personalities but with the level of professionalism, I am able to make sure they understand the importance of discipline not only in classes but also in their lives for these learners need our guidance. We need integrity, honesty, good mannerism and perseverance from our able students that will reflect in their futures and the future of this country too. This is all attained by Discipline. I balance my Professional and social life by making sure they attain a mutual relationship without overburdening the other. I am the founder #kumbushamwanafunzi (which means remind a student) initiative which is an online campaign that provides solutions and tactics on how we can facilitate the consistency of Education in our communities. We need to beat this menace of idleness so that our children are occupied not only educationally but also physically, emotionally, economically, psychologically etc.

We also need to use all education approaches and concepts in delivering knowledge to our children. We need to show children education is just not going to school but everywhere they are. We should cut the mentality "No School No Education"

We should facilitate both formal and informal Education to our children for the betterment of their growth and development.

Since this is mostly an online campaign, my engagement in social media handles, especially Instagram, has been overwhelming. Through that, I got various recognitions with this initiative by different platforms like The muslim Media, The Vijana Network,, the Kenyan kind and etc. I have been invited to have talks in different places in Kenya like Kibera Nairobi, Kajiado county, Mombasa County, Garissa county and many other places.

I believe with this consistency, I will try to reach the hearts of parents and children across the country.

The #kumbushamwanafunzi reception is very good because very many people have approached me for collaborations to assist the community. Through #kumbushamwanafunzi I have been interviewed by so many institutions, parastatals, organisations, media houses in Kenya like Nation Media and Standard Group. We teachers have a big responsibility to play in our societies. We are the second parents of these young ones who spend most of their lifetime with teachers.

I am a poet/writer, thespian and this has really assisted me in my teaching journey. Being a writer, it has assisted me in my language delivery and has boosted my communication skills. As a poet, I have directed various poetry and performed in national competitions like Kenya National Drama and Film Festivals and also Kenya National Music Festivals and attained the best ranks and also awarded the best Trainer and that is so recent 2019. So this talent through teaching has really helped me. I was among teachers who was chosen by the Ministry of Education to represent Coast Region Teachers and participate in the Kenya National Drama Festivals Adjudicators in Kabarnet early 2020. It is through incorporation of this talent and teaching.

I love fashion and dressing well. Fashion is all about creativity in your daily wear activities without making an implication in your professional life. I use my creativity to look good and inspire people too. I do this to instill creativity and virtue to my students.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

Most of our parents in my community are not an education oriented generation and so this is also reflected to the current and future generation. We need to show the community that things have changed and we do not have to change but to adapt. Knowledge is passed through education and so quality education must be adhered to our children to secure our future generation.

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

My advice is to parents and youth. These children have massive potential to grow for the betterment, they just need that little push from teachers, parents, guardians and siblings.

We need to nurture these children and not condemn them. We have a role to show these learners that they are capable regardless of societal failures experienced. We need to enhance the skills development of the children by identifying them and nurturing them and giving them necessary guidance.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @sabri.farouq @quotes_by_farouq


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