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Hanna Atiase | Ghana | Purpose & Vision

CEO of E. Wells Realty & Consultancy | Co-Founder of the Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers

Changemaker | Advocate | Real Estate | Real Estate Investment Advisor | Author

Hanna Atiase's journey in the real estate sector is not just about personal achievements but also about her commitment to driving systemic change and uplifting the industry as a whole. Despite facing challenges stemming from the lack of regulation in Ghana's real estate agency sector, Hanna has consistently advocated for reform and actively worked towards solutions.

Recognizing the need for standardized practices and ethical conduct within the industry, Hanna co-founded the Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers (GAREB). Through GAREB, she has championed the establishment of codes of conduct, ethics, and standardized procedures, aiming to bring order and professionalism to an otherwise chaotic market.

Beyond her role in GAREB, Hanna's impact extends to her leadership at E. Wells Realty & Consultancy. Under her guidance, the company has become synonymous with trust and excellence in the real estate realm. Hanna's dedication to client satisfaction and ethical business practices has earned her widespread acclaim and numerous accolades, cementing her reputation as a leading figure in the field.

However, Hanna's efforts go beyond mere recognition and awards. She is deeply invested in fostering a culture of continuous learning and development within her organization. By prioritizing staff training and education, she ensures that her team possesses the expertise and professionalism needed to navigate the complexities of the real estate market effectively.

Moreover, Hanna's commitment to education extends beyond her own company. She actively engages in conducting workshops, masterclasses, and training sessions aimed at raising industry standards and restoring consumer confidence. Through these initiatives, she empowers aspiring real estate professionals and instills in them the values of integrity, ethics, and professionalism.

Hanna's story exemplifies the transformative power of leadership driven by purpose and vision. Her tireless efforts to bring positive change to the real estate sector serve as an inspiration to all those who strive to make a meaningful impact in their respective fields. As she continues to spearhead initiatives aimed at reform and improvement, Hanna Atiase remains a beacon of hope and progress in Ghana's real estate industry.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @hannaatiase

LinkedIn: Hanna Atiase


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