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Haley Bowler- Cooke | Ontario | Keep Going

Uplift Lifestyle, Founder | CEO

I'm Haley Bowler-Cooke, a woman who lives life by her own design. I have been on a journey of self-actualization of my highest potential since as long as I can remember. I have lived a lifetime of being an overflowing channel of joy to the world and anyone who interacts with Me, and I have experienced challenges, opportunities to choose love, forgiveness and rise again and again in the direction of my highest path. My journey started with being born into the most incredible family where I was held up to my highest self, loved and supported unconditionally to live a life of passion, purpose and fulfillment, I feel beyond blessed for that. However, like all human beings experiencing the Earth plane, I was conditioned and programmed by some outdated norms within society and felt the pressures of what conventional success should look like. I ended up studying science for 6+ years in post-secondary, I always knew entrepreneurship and a life of freedom in every way was my truth and my absolute birth right, however it took some trial and error to get to where I am today.

I founded a Tech Startup "Fit Portal", I ran a personal training business, I graduated with honors in Clinical Kinesiology at Western University and I graduated with honors from Conestoga College in Fitness & Health promotion. I have been blessed with collaborations, mentors, communities and connections in my years of trial and error. I allowed my charisma, my energy and my magnetism to guide and lead me through life. Everything was good, lots of conventional success, lots of friends/love, lots of stability... and even in that, my body didn't feel safe, my energy wasn't pure and my soul was yearning for more. Fast forward to present day Haley... fulfilled, devoted and certain in my path and my life's work. In the years of working with clients as a Personal Trainer, I began to unintentionally discover my gifts as a Psychic Channel and Quantum Healer... I began to SEE myself as a true mentor and leader. I began to walk my own path and started living in alignment with what was true for Me.

Today I run a successful High Level Healing and Coaching company "Uplift Lifestyle Inc" where I serve clients globally, where I run my Podcast and share my wisdom through my social media where I lead countless in person ceremonies and retreats, and where I facilitate transformational healing and ascension to all who come into this work. I am currently working on my first book (stay tuned!), I continue to share podcast episodes, create offers and containers for those ready and devoted to their own lives by design, I work with High Level Clients 1:1 as well as facilitate various in person ceremonies and retreats a few times per month for larger groups. I have massive visions for myself and for the collective, I believe in a New Paradigm of success, of love, of generosity, of kindness and of aligned evolution for all. This is my life's work, my devotion and I will continue to rise in this work and support all who come into my realm. My focus right now as I too am on the ever evolving journey... is "doing less" and "receiving more", I tend to lean a little far on the creation, generation, production and action sides of my work and sometimes forget to lean back, rest, revel in the success I HAVE already created and bask in the present moment. I'm driven, hungry for more and always forward moving with the desires of my heart, so a little R&R, a lot more breaks and slowing down is my current focus and devotion so I can continue to co-create in this life as a harmonized, powerful, healthy leader who serves from overflow and foundation of wholeness.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

The hurdles and challenges as an entrepreneur, as a person choosing an unconventional path, a person who is willing to go all in on themselves and trust in something bigger... those challenges will never stop. The fear will never go away, the moments of "can I do this" will be experienced at every new level of success. My biggest challenges were and continue to be trusting in the unfolding, the divine timing, the surrender to what comes next and the trust that it IS indeed happening FOR you. My challenge has never been drive, alignment, work ethic or taking intuitive and strategic risks... My challenge was leaning back and knowing that it's all adding up. Accepting where I am at, while striving for more. The challenges have always been of the mind, whether or not external or internal forces were "positive" or "negative" the resilience of self, self-observation, self-actualization and self development determines your ability to move forward in the face of challenges. Key takeaway - the challenges are ALWAYS in your favour and helping BUILD your strength, integrity and self-trust.

Advice to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally? My biggest advice, as cliche as it sounds... KEEP GOING. If you have a vision, that is so much bigger than what your current reality validates... KEEP MOVING TOWARD THAT VISION. That drive you have that KNOWING is something rare, and something that MUST be trusted no matter how much you are tested. Keep GOING.

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