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Florence Nkiru Onyeji | Nigeria | YOUR VOICE IS RELEVANT

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Graphic Designer l Freelance B2C Content Writer l Educator

I grew up in a small community and lived in a house that was occupied with a large number of people from different tribes popularly known as {face me I slap you} here in Nigeria. We all shared a single kitchen, bathroom and toilet. I always want the best things in life which include attending the best schools. But being from an average family I didn't have the privilege to attend the best schools. My dad works as a factory worker and mum sells and hawks plantain. I am always delighted and passionate to share. I can still recall how I used to gather my friends in the compound where I lived with my parents back then to read stories from my story books.

My name is Florence Nkiru Onyeji, I'm the creative director of FLOLIGHT CREATIVE. We help brands, startup companies and entrepreneurs to communicate their stories and ideas visually through amazing design and creative writing. Sharing my knowledge has always been what I love to do wherever I find myself. But I was so scared sharing my knowledge in the different classroom settings in high school, I was often mute and let someone else answer the questions for me. The fear of being mocked by my classmates could be the reason why. I was not the loudest, instead tiny according to them. That did not help my situation, so I kept my mouth shut. And that was when self doubt creep deeply inside me, I struggle and doubted my abilities whenever I have the opportunity to share in a public setting.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

Things changed when I began believing in myself, It wasn't easy at first. I had to pray, write down my thoughts and always reaffirm myself that I deserve to be treated better and sharing my knowledge is fine. After graduating from the university and was delayed for a year before going for my mandatory service year. Here in Nigeria there's a program called national youth service corps, this is set up by the government for graduates to take part for a year with the aim to foster national unity and cohesion in the country.

I developed an interest in graphics design after graduating from school. I really admire the work it takes for graphic designers to design amazing billboards along the street when I visit a new place. Learning new things and trying it out is one amazing trait I have. Starting out as a graphic designer has not been a smooth road. My dad didn't support me when I first began, I had to plead with him to encourage me to pursue my career path. I started my graphics design journey as an apprentice from a small corner shop. There are days I get tired, sick, frustrated and some days the ugly imposter syndrome creeps up to stop me from believing in my abilities. I could recall, I fell off my bikes on several occasions on my way to the graphic design shop. Also received my share of insults from clients who did not get their work or projects on time. Somedays, the thought of quitting was so intense but I stayed and kept at it.

I stayed for 6 months, and seized up all the knowledge I needed. Along the way, my laptop stopped working and I lost the zeal to continue learning graphics design. When the pandemic struck, I was browsing through my facebook page when I saw a course indicating how one can learn and create graphics design with a smartphone, I was so elated and the feeling of learning and doing what I love through my smartphone encouraged me to pay for the course.

I'm super grateful I made that decision to pay for the graphics course. My graphics design skill greatly improved after taking the course. I am proud of myself and that I can boldly say I create exceptional graphics designs using just my smartphone. Thankfully the internet, especially the youtube graphics tutorial helped me learn more new concepts.

What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got started?

1. I wish I knew how important branding is, when I started and leveraging social media platforms to express my creativity.

2. I wish I knew that to define my path and message - I need to stay true to myself and be influential through giving back.

3. I wish I knew that, my message could be my gift.

4. I wish I didn't that I did have to wait for the validation of people, instead firmly believing in my abilities and most of all sharing my knowledge no matter how small it is.

I'm thankful to God for the knowledge I have now. So far, I have had the opportunity to design for various brands in different spaces. FLOLIGHT CREATIVE is a registered entity with the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria {SMEDAN}. I have a self pace graphics design video course for anyone interested to learn how to create design. I'm currently a volunteer graphics designer and the education coordinator of a youth platform known as YouthUP Global, Nigeria.

What books are you currently reading?

Character in leadership by: Myles Munroe

Few highlights from the book I picked on;

Every human possess leadership potential and you have the ability to lead in an area of gifting.

Some of the areas your character will be tested as a leader;

1. Your commitment or standard in relation to someone

2. Your loyalty to your conviction when you are under pressure

3. Your dedication to the value you promised you would never violate

4. Your faithfulness and integrity



What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

1. Don't let self doubt stop you from showing up.

2. Believe in your abilities and reach out to mentors that will guide you.

3. Attend training, workshop, network and connect with different groups of people relevant to your career path: Like - Minded!

4. Invest in your personal development, read books, implement what you're learning and take action when needed.

5. You never know what you can achieve unless you take a step.

6. Cultivate the habit of staying on top, You are great with your idea.

I'm open to work, recommendation and collaboration

You can reach me via

Contact:+2347069427329 +2347018431155

Facebook: Florence Nkiru Onyeji

LinkedIn: Florence Nkiru Onyeji

Instagram: flolight_creative

Twitter: Florencenkiru2


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