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Eric LeGrand | USA | Indomitable Spirit & Commitment

Founder of LeGrand Coffee House, Co-Founder of Eric LeGrand Whiskey, Founder of Team LeGrand

Eric LeGrand’s story is one of extraordinary resilience and relentless optimism. In 2010, while playing football for Rutgers University, Eric suffered a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed. But Eric refused to let this life-changing event define him. With a newfound purpose to inspire and motivate, Eric ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. He founded LeGrand Coffee House in December 2020, creating a community hub in Woodbridge, New Jersey, where people could come together over a cup of coffee. The mission was clear: to inspire and influence through every cup served.

But Eric's entrepreneurial spirit didn't stop there. In August 2019, he launched ShopFiftyTwo, further showcasing his knack for business and brand building. His ventures reflect his indomitable spirit and commitment to excellence.

Eric’s journey took an exciting turn when he co-founded Eric LeGrand Whiskey. This venture was born out of his love for life’s finer pleasures and his belief that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, should celebrate their victories.

Eric LeGrand Whiskey offers a smooth and crisp Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, aged to perfection in charred oak barrels. For Eric, the meticulous process of crafting bourbon paralleled his own journey of recovery—one that required precision, patience, and unwavering trust in the process.

Eric’s remarkable journey from the football field to entrepreneurship demonstrates his unwavering determination to live life to the fullest.

Through his businesses, motivational speaking, and media presence, Eric continues to inspire countless individuals, reminding them to celebrate their own triumphs daily.

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