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Efuwa Quansah | Ghana | Impactful Initiatives

Updated: Jan 18

CEO @ Ostec IT | Trilingual Strategy Whiz & Dynamic Changemaker

Efuwa Quansah stands at the forefront of technological innovation as the Chief Operations Officer at Ostec, a leading technology services and consulting firm. Her journey, marked by 15 years of strategic leadership, spans industries and continents, making her a dynamic force in the field. As the Chief Operations Officer at Ostec, Efuwa spearheads transformative initiatives in Cybersecurity, Digital Infrastructure, and Managed Services. Her trilingual proficiency (EN|FR|NL) enhances her ability to navigate diverse business landscapes and collaborate on a global scale.

Before joining Ostec, Efuwa made history as the first female Country Director at PEG, Ghana's largest off-grid solar company. Her role evolved to become the Group Chief of Staff for PEG Africa, where she pioneered the introduction of life-changing solar products across four West African markets.

With a background in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, Efuwa transitioned to a Bachelor's in Business and Technology and a Master's in Advanced Management Studies. Her diverse educational foundation complements her role as a seasoned operations professional, excelling in business strategy design and operational optimization. Efuwa's career trajectory includes key positions at Millicom, Vodafone in Ghana, Cisco Systems in the UK, and Kearney Consulting in Belgium. Her strategic planning and execution skills have consistently driven success in the financial services, energy, telecommunications, technology, and management consulting industries.

Efuwa Quansah is not just a leader; she is an avid supporter of women in the workplace. Her commitment to creating a fairer world is evident in her impactful initiatives and advocacy for gender equality.

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LinkedIn: Efuwa Quansah


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