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Edna Frimpong | Ghana | Embrace Your Passion

PR Technician | Shoemaker | Entrepreneur | Community Leader

Meet Edna Frimpong, a dynamic young entrepreneur breaking barriers in the shoemaking industry while making a mark in public relations. As a proud PR Technician and the creative mind behind Fash_slippers, Edna's journey is an inspiring tale of passion, determination, and empowerment. Edna's entrepreneurial spirit ignited during her time at Adonten Senior High School, where her love for fashion led to the birth of Fash_slippers. Starting as a hobby, Edna's unique designs garnered attention and transformed her passion into a thriving business. Fash_slippers, under her leadership, has evolved into a successful venture, earning her accolades as an innovative shoemaker.

In an industry predominantly led by men, Edna defied societal norms and stereotypes. Her journey reflects resilience and creativity, proving that gender should never be a barrier to success. As the "shoemaker girl," she encourages others to embrace their passions fearlessly.

Edna's impact extends beyond her business. As the Head of PR for Ahofade, an organization promoting African fashion and culture, she champions entrepreneurship and creativity. Edna's commitment to empowering others is evident through her involvement in mentoring and career guidance initiatives for students.

Edna's professional journey includes being a PR representative for Ahofade, where she crafts engaging content, secures contracts, influences for the brand, and fosters community relations. Her dedication to excellence shines through, both in her PR role and as a full-time shoemaker. Prior to her current roles, Edna served as a Program Coordinator for the SUB-SAHARAN EDUCATION PROJECT INC, managing projects and scholarship initiatives. Her impact on education extended to coaching and organizing enrichment programs.

Edna holds a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations from the Ghana Institute of Journalism, where she engaged in diverse activities, including SDG campaigns, event management, and public speaking. Her educational journey also includes a diploma in Communication Studies.

Edna's commitment to collaboration and networking is evident in her call to connect with like-minded professionals. She envisions building empires and welcomes opportunities to expand her network.

Edna Frimpong's story is a celebration of perseverance, passion, and the limitless possibilities of combining creativity with entrepreneurship. Whether crafting unique slippers or driving impactful PR campaigns, Edna exemplifies the spirit of a young, empowered entrepreneur making a difference in her community and beyond.

Connect with Edna Frimpong:

LinkedIn: Edna Frimpong

Instagram: Fash_slippers @fash_com14

Facebook: Profile


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