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Dr. Wendy A. Okolo | Nigeria & USA | Groundbreaking Career

Associate Project Manager | Speaker | Author | Mentor | Scientist

Aerospace Research Engineer at NASA - National Aeronautics & Space Administration

Dr. Wendy A. Okolo is a trailblazing aerospace research engineer and Associate Project Manager at NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Her journey to success is as remarkable as her achievements, breaking barriers and inspiring countless individuals along the way. Born and raised in Nigeria, Dr. Okolo's early education at St Mary’s Primary School and Queen’s College in Lagos laid the foundation for her future endeavors. Her passion for aerospace engineering led her to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree at The University of Texas at Arlington, where she excelled as a student member of various prestigious societies. However, Dr. Okolo's ambitions didn't stop there. At the age of 26, she made history by becoming the first black woman to earn a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from The University of Texas at Arlington. This achievement marked the beginning of her groundbreaking career in the aerospace industry.

As an award-winning Associate Project Manager and Aerospace Research Engineer at NASA, Dr. Okolo specializes in flight dynamics, vehicle controls, and systems health monitoring within the Intelligent Systems Division.

Her contributions to the field have earned her numerous accolades, including the prestigious NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal, the NASA Ames Award for Researcher/Scientist, and the NASA Ames Early Career Researcher Award.

Beyond her technical expertise, Dr. Okolo is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion in STEM fields. She actively works to change the narrative of underrepresentation, particularly for young girls, career women, and people of color. Through her role as a Special Emphasis Programs Manager for Women at NASA, she leads initiatives to recruit, retain, and promote women within the organization.

Dr. Okolo's dedication to diversity and inclusion extends beyond the walls of NASA. She is a sought-after speaker, panelist, and author, inspiring the next generation of minority STEM leaders and advocating for change in the industry. Her book, "LEARN TO FLY: ON BECOMING A ROCKET SCIENTIST," serves as a testament to her commitment to empowering others to pursue their dreams.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions, Dr. Okolo has been named among the Most Influential People of African Descent and continues to be a driving force for positive change in the aerospace community and beyond.

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Dr. Wendy A. Okolo

Instagram: @wendy_okolo


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