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Dr. Omaima M. Arab | Ghana | Meaningful Difference

Medical Doctor, Med. Lab. Scientist | Health Influencer | Public Speaker | Advocate

Meet Dr. Omaima M. Arab, a dedicated Medical Doctor, Med. Lab. Scientist, Health Influencer, and Public Speaker, who is making waves in the field of healthcare. With a passion for empowering others to lead healthier lives, Dr. Omaima is a shining example of excellence and dedication in her profession. Currently serving as a Medical Doctor and a Biomedical Scientist at the prestigious Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Dr. Omaima brings over 11 years of invaluable experience to her role. Her work spans a wide range of medical disciplines, where she applies her expertise to diagnose and treat patients with precision and care.

Beyond her clinical duties, Dr. Omaima is a trailblazer in healthcare advocacy and education. As a Health Influencer and Public Speaker, she leverages her platform to raise awareness about important health issues and inspire positive change within communities. Her impactful contributions have earned her recognition, including the title of 1st Runner Up in the prestigious Miss Health Ghana '23 pageant.

In addition to her professional achievements, Dr. Omaima is also the Co-Founder of the 12 Doctors Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing medical assistance and support to underserved communities.

Through her leadership and compassion, she continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need. Dr. Omaima's journey to success began at the University of Ghana, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical/Medical Laboratory Science/Research and Allied Professions.

Her academic training laid the foundation for her stellar career, equipping her with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the dynamic field of healthcare. Driven by a deep sense of purpose and a commitment to excellence, Dr. Omaima M. Arab embodies the spirit of service and compassion that defines the medical profession. Her tireless dedication to improving the health and well-being of others serves as an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing her.

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