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Dr. Femi Aguda | Chicago | Don't Give Up

Real Estate Broker | Real Estate Investor | Entrepreneur | Founder | Managing Broker My name is Dr. Femi Aguda is a Nigerian American Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur, Founder and Managing Broker of Block 22 Realty LLC. I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and relocated to the United States in December 2016. I am an Alumni of School of Management, Cardiff Metropolitan University (CardiffMet), and Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria. I was recently awarded an Honorary doctorate degree in business administration by Myles Leadership University. I grew up from a humble beginning, the 2nd of five children. We lived in a two-bedroom apartment, five kids slept in one room, and I always ended up sleeping on the floor. I believe that's where the passion for real estate was born because I made up my mind to become a rich person and build a big house. Interestingly, I grew up in an estate in Lagos, Nigeria and our block of flats was Block 22 hence the name of my company Block 22 Realty. I started my business journey on college campus, by launching Michael Wash with N0 Naira which grew to become a Million-Naira business employing several staffs and my success in business as a student did not go unnoticed, in my final year on campus I was featured in two national newspapers (The Nation and National Life) as a student millionaire role model. During my national youth service (NYSC), I excelled so well and was made the manager of the company after only being there for three months even as a Corper. After my service year I was employed by an architectural firm in Lagos, Nigeria as project assistant and within one month was made the administrative manager. I attract a lot of "positive" social media attention with my real estate advice short videos which have over 1million collective views. I have been featured in various national and regional newspapers such as Vanguard, The Sun Nigeria, The Guardian Nigeria, The Nation newspaper and more etc.

I also facilitate many educational and informative events on real estate, leadership, and mentoring sessions on personal development. I love helping others to rise into the fullness of their God given capacity and inspiring many into greatness. My life tells a unique story of not taking the back seat in life, a story of leadership, tenacity, focus, dedication, commitment, and infinite possibilities.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them? My biggest hurdle was moving to the States with just $200 dollars in my pocket and starting all over. Nobody knew me nor my capacity, so people overlooked me. I went the extra mile to prove myself and let my work speak for itself. I also seeked mentors who helped me by coaching and setting realistic goals. Your advice to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally? Don't give up! Believe in the beauty of your dreams and stay consistent working on it. Your big break will definitely come if you don't give up. Also seek mentors early on in your career.

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