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Dr. Drew Uyi | Africa & Europe | Master Your Craft

Entrepreneur | FIFA Licensed Football (Soccer) & Sports Agent

Athlete Brand Expert | Philanthropist | Sports & Entertainment Management

Dr. Drew Uyi, a prominent figure in sports branding and marketing, hails from Birmingham, UK. His educational journey took him from Benin City, Nigeria, to Switzerland and Germany, culminating in degrees in Sports and Events Management from the London Metropolitan University and Marketing from the University of the Arts London. As a FIFA licensed football agent, brand strategist, and athlete brand educator, Dr. Drew Uyi has become a trailblazer in the industry.

His expertise goes beyond traditional sports management, extending to athlete brand development. Working closely with renowned footballers such as Wilfred Ndidi, Ahmed Musa, and Odion Ighalo, he has played a pivotal role in elevating their market values.

Dr. Drew Uyi recently achieved a significant milestone by passing the FIFA Football Agent exams, reinforcing his commitment to excellence in player representation.

His passion for changing the narrative in the sports business is evident in his emphasis on personal branding. With over two decades of experience, he offers invaluable insights to players, coaches, clubs, and fellow agents.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Drew Uyi has cultivated a substantial social media following, positioning him as an influential figure not only in sports but also in the broader entertainment industry. His dedication to educating players on managing image rights for profitability underscores his holistic approach to athlete representation. In summary,

Dr. Drew Uyi's journey from Birmingham to becoming a FIFA licensed football agent and a respected brand strategist reflects a commitment to innovation in sports management, with a focus on empowering athletes through strategic branding.

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Dr. Drew Uyi

Twitter: @drewuyi11


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