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Dr. Anne Sansa Daly, MD | Ghana & USA | Global Health Crusader

Medical Practitioner – Doctor | CEO | Speaker | Advocate

Dr. Anne Sansa Daly, MD, is not just a medical practitioner; she is a visionary leader making significant strides in the healthcare landscape. As the CEO of Virgin Trust Medical Services, she has undertaken the mission of providing affordable healthcare for all, bridging the gap between medical expertise and community needs. Dr. Daly's journey into medicine is a testament to her passion and commitment.

Despite initially pursuing communication studies at Temple University, she redirected her path to healthcare, enrolling at Lincoln Technical Institute in Philadelphia to study LPN. Her academic prowess shone through as she achieved a remarkable 526 score on the MCAT, securing admission into the prestigious John Hopkins University School of Medicine, where she graduated with a 4.0 GPA and the distinction of Summa Cum Laude.

With a solid foundation gained through three years at Einstein Health Network and subsequent experience at WellSpan Health, Dr. Daly's decision to return to Ghana reflects her dedication to making a tangible impact on healthcare in her home country. Balancing her practice between Ghana and the USA, she endeavors to connect and bring about positive change.

Beyond her clinical practice, Dr. Daly is the host of "Health And Life With Dr. Daly," the only comprehensive health television show in Ghana, aired on GHOne TV. This platform allows her to not only share medical insights but also educate and empower communities to prioritize their health.

Dr. Anne Sansa Daly's story is one of academic excellence, professional achievement, and a relentless pursuit of accessible healthcare. Her dual roles as a private medical consultant and a leader in healthcare broadcasting make her an inspiring figure dedicated to shaping a healthier and more informed society.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @sansa_the_great

LinkedIn: Anne Daly


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