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Dilara Cossette | Canada | Effective Growth

Navigate Growth with B2B Demand Generation Services

Focus Image Pro | "À la Carte" Custom Plan | Top Female Founders

Meet Dilara Cossette, a dynamic force in the B2B demand generation space and the visionary founder of Focus Image Pro. With an MBA and PMP under her belt, Dilara embarked on a mission to transform how B2B companies navigate growth. Her agency stands out by offering a truly unique and meaningful collaboration with partners through an innovative "à la carte" service plan.

Here's what makes Focus Image Pro a game-changer:

Flexible Service Plans: Clients can pick and choose only the services they need, paying only for what they use. This adaptable approach ensures businesses aren't overcharged and can scale their plans as they grow.

Revenue-Focused Strategy: Instead of charging based on ad spend, Focus Image Pro ties its success to client revenue growth. This collaborative approach ensures both parties succeed together.

Expert Project Management: Every client is paired with a seasoned demand generation expert with nearly a decade of marketing experience. No more being handed off to inexperienced managers; clients receive top-tier strategic oversight and daily operations management.

Integrated Team Approach: Dilara's team doesn't just act as an external agency; they become an extended part of the client's team. From accessing CRM systems to joining sales and marketing sync calls, Focus Image Pro is deeply involved in the client's success.

Dilara's journey began in November 2021 when she launched Focus Image Pro. Her leadership and innovative strategies have driven significant growth for B2B organizations, empowering them with effective growth marketing strategies. With skills in demand generation, growth marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, and digital marketing, Dilara's expertise is unparalleled.

Beyond her role at Focus Image Pro, Dilara is a Fractional Demand Generation Partner for several notable organizations, including The Lake Louise Ski Resort, Women in Revenue, ProductLed, Kudos, and Joyride. Her work spans across diverse sectors, proving her versatility and impact.

Dilara's vision for the future of demand generation is forward-thinking. She anticipates a shift towards smarter AI, eco-friendly practices, and a more digital approach to business. She emphasizes the power of intent data and believes that creating demand at the right time is crucial, catching buyers even before they realize they need a solution.

Her business advice is simple yet profound: be empathetic and patient. Support others, especially those starting their careers, and give your strategies time to bear fruit. Marketing and lead generation are long-term games.

Looking ahead, Dilara has ambitious goals for 2024. She aims to establish herself as a leading fractional demand generation expert in Canada and triple her revenue by year's end. Networking, attending events, and building connections are high on her agenda. She believes in the mantra "#sharingiscaring" and is eager to grow alongside her clients and peers.

Connect with Dilara and join her on this exciting journey to reshape B2B demand generation:

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