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Dela Michel | Ghana | Challenge Yourself

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Broadcast Journalist | News Anchor

My journey into tv/radio began in 2007. Being a science student and having the passion for media was something I couldn’t explain when I was young. There was something about the media that always got me excited. I remember gathering a few of my mates back in school and hosting a whole radio show whenever any of our teachers was late for class or never showed up at all. Pretty sure it felt like torture to them, lol. I was in love with radio. The fact that a voice on air was that powerful without having to know the personality behind it intrigued me. It became a passion. Growing up people will tell me how I have the flair for radio but I always remember saying when the time is right it will happen. In 2007 I entered a radio competition with Choice FM. I was young and scared and didn't know how to tell my family what I was going to do. I remember telling my mom I’m going to study for the SAT at Accra Girls Senior High School.

The radio station was located adjacent to the school (clever me right.) Well a neighbour heard my voice on air and spilled the news to my parents before I could. Interestingly I was supported by my family (I mean to win the competition and nothing more). I was second and oboy I was so happy. In 2008, another opportunity presented itself at GTV to host a TV game show just around the Orange CAN 2008. I auditioned, got the slot and hosted till Ghana was out of the games. I remember the last day vividly. It was Valentine/ Chocolate Day. But after that experience, I walked out of the media space to focus on school and work. I worked as an executive secretary at one point then later got another job offer as a personal assistant until 2015. Later I returned into the media. This time worked with OM studios under the leadership of Abraham Ohene Gyan as a TV presenter. But 2016 birthed a journalist. Got a job at GHOne TV that requires more than just sitting on TV or on radio. It required field work.

It was new to me but quickly I remember how it felt like a male dominated industry. Where female journalists have to work twice harder than our male counterparts. It wasn’t easy. Coming from a no journalist background didn’t make it easy for me. I remember a senior colleague calling me names because I didn’t understand the “basics”. I cried so hard but after I changed so much. I learnt self worth and what growth really meant. I had to work really hard to grow both professionally and personally. I wanted to learn everything. The field became my school and life. I wasn’t angry. No. But my passion was fuelled by something much deeper and that has been with me since. Being a female journalist you’re sometimes considered by my male counterpart as a joke. What you bring to the table is either insignificant to them because the best stories, analysis, interviews and all that are better told by males. So when they see a female journalist with so much knowledge in sports, business, politics, lifestyle, current affairs there’s always that attempt to trivialize that knowledge. In 2020, another opportunity presented itself with Media General. The story of female journalists having to prove themselves has not ended.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them? As a female journalist, I’m constantly reminded of that. The patriarchy in the media space is real. But it can be destroyed because women have proven to be capable each and every day. A lot of female journalists in this country I truly admire. I have had to deal with self esteem issues, depression and various issues as a female journalist but each day I have learnt to get better. I have come to believe in growth so much that nothing is more important to me than that.I have had to invest in myself by enriching my knowledge. No one will change the narrative for you. As the saying goes, be the change you want to see. And believe me it is worth it.

What books are you currently reading? I love to read. Currently reading one of Mona Eltahawy’s books. What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally? Never let anyone belittle you because of your age, gender, personality or whatever they measure you with. We all have a platform. A purpose is to identify that platform and use it to make impacts. Break all barriers. Challenge yourself. Dare to be more. Dare to do more. But don’t do that to prove a point. Do it for yourself. Define You and Be You.


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