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Daniel Sarpong | Ghana | Honing Your Skills

Global Sales & Marketing Coach | Digital Transformation Strategist

Author | Management Consultant | Mind Transformation Coach

Hello, I’m Daniel Sarpong and I have always had a passion for sales and transactions from a young age. Even though I never imagined myself becoming a global business coach, my early experiences laid the foundation for my future career.

My entrepreneurial journey began when I was just six years old, selling toffees to my classmates. As I grew up, I continued to identify needs and opportunities for business, and in college, I established a modeling agency. I connected models with marketing agencies, and some of my models even appeared in commercials for top companies such as Coca-Cola and Vodafone. Now, I am a Director for Global Partnerships at Arkad Consult & Executive Training, where I train business executives to enhance their productivity and performance. It's been a fulfilling journey for me, and I believe that my early experiences have helped me to understand the importance of identifying opportunities and building successful relationships with clients.

What were some of the most significant challenges you faced initially, and how did you overcome them?

After college, I entered the corporate world as a sales executive in a Swiss Digital Marketing Company. However, I struggled immensely as a salesperson and was on the brink of being fired. For three months, I was unable to close any deals with people outside of my friends and peers. I felt like a failure and became depressed, thinking that this may be the end of my career in sales.

Fortunately, I came across some valuable sales materials that helped me learn the art of sales, negotiation, persuasion, and human psychology. This was the missing piece that I needed to succeed. With this newfound knowledge, I closed one of the biggest deals in my department and within 12 months, I was promoted to manager.

Since then, I have worked for two other multinational companies headquartered in Sweden and Ukraine, and have trained over 100,000 business executives from more than 20 different countries. I am proud to have overcome my initial struggles and achieved success in the field of sales, and I hope to inspire others to never give up on their dreams.

My mission now is to coach and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs and business executives, just like the struggling sales executive I once was, to help them reach their full potential. I find joy in supporting businesses and speaking at conferences or events focused on entrepreneurship and youth or business development. Feel free to reach out to me for any such opportunities or collaborations.

What advice would you offer to young people who are just starting their careers or pursuing their passions, both locally and internationally?

I would like to share five things that I have learned:

1. Within you, there is a higher version of yourself waiting to be unleashed. To bring out this higher version of yourself, you need to work on transforming your mindset, getting coaching, and honing your skills.

2. Do not let anyone make you feel inferior just because they do not believe in themselves.

3. Your past does not define your future. Regardless of your background or history, you have the potential to become an icon. Focus on where you are going, not where you are coming from.

4. To succeed, you need to put in a lot of hard work, effort, and consistency. Do not be misled by the world, society, or social media that promises maximum results with little effort. If you are a student, strive for good grades and develop high-level skills to set yourself apart. Remember, your certificate alone does not guarantee your success or greatness.

5. Finally, your strength alone is not enough. Connect to a higher source that will make your growth journey smoother. This does not necessarily mean being religious but being spiritual. Connect with your inner voices, your inner self, and do the impossible!

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