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Dahabo Ahmed-Omer | Canada | Transformative Actions

CEO - BlackNorth Initiative | Speaker | Philanthropist

Dahabo Ahmed-Omer is a highly accomplished and dedicated leader with a wealth of experience in performance measurement, policy development, and HR planning analysis, particularly in the areas of employment equity and diversity. As the Chief Executive Officer of the BlackNorth Initiative, she has demonstrated innovation, reliability, and a detail-oriented approach to policy advising and human rights advocacy. With a strong background in the Federal Public Service, she has received numerous awards, including the Canada150 Community Builder Award and recognition as one of Canada's most Influential Women Leaders.

In her diverse roles, including Executive Director and Director of Operations at the BlackNorth Initiative, as well as positions at Public Safety Canada, Ms. Ahmed-Omer has consistently shown her commitment to advancing equity and inclusion.

Her extensive volunteer work, such as being a spokesperson for the Justice for Abdirahman Coalition, underlines her dedication to human rights, transparency, and challenging racial inequity.

Ms. Ahmed-Omer has a robust history of community involvement, serving on committees addressing systemic barriers in the City of Ottawa and as a Board of Director for The Aria Foundation, focusing on affordable housing.

As an advisor for Willow, she plays a key role in enabling real estate investment for everyone.Her impressive list of honors and awards, including being recognized as a Top Global 100 under 40 Honoree, reflects her significant contributions.

Ms. Ahmed-Omer is not only a distinguished professional but also a proud Somali woman actively engaged in promoting her culture and heritage. Her proficiency in the Somali language, wearing the traditional dirac, and emphasizing the vital role of elders in Somali society showcase her deep connection to her roots. Overall, Dahabo Ahmed-Omer is a trailblazer, advocate, and leader making a lasting impact in various sectors.

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Dahabo Ahmed-Omar

Instagram: @dahaboahmedomer


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