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Briana (Kendjel) Sim | Canada | Impactful Leadership

Updated: Jul 7

Founder & CEO for SimpliCity: Helping Governments Reach Their Digital Transformation Goals Faster

Once upon a time in the bustling city of Vancouver, there lived a visionary named Briana (Kendjel) Sim. With a spark of ingenuity and a heart full of passion, Briana founded SimpliCity, a company dedicated to revolutionizing how governments reach their digital transformation goals. As the CEO, she thrived on challenges, weaving new ideas into the fabric of operational excellence. Her honesty and humor built bridges with colleagues and clients, creating a network of trust that spanned over two decades. Briana's journey wasn't just about business; it was about making a difference. She championed government, education, and non-profit projects, always advocating for equal access to opportunities for underrepresented groups. Her dedication to shifting the gender balance in the tech industry was unwavering. She fostered inclusion at SimpliCity and Radical, engaged in panels and advisory committees, and brought App Camp for Girls to Vancouver. As Co-Chair of Women in Communications and Technology (WCTBC), she inspired women leaders across Canada’s digital economy.

Beyond her professional life, Briana was an adventurer at heart. She traveled the world, immersing herself in diverse cultures, always eager to learn and grow. Her love for exploration fueled her understanding of the world and her commitment to helping others. Whether offering career advice or helping newcomers settle in Vancouver, Briana was always ready to lend a hand. Her professional journey was a tapestry of impactful roles.

At SimpliCity, she led a team that transformed how government information and services were accessed. Their innovative platform, combining a headless CMS, integration frameworks, and Microsoft Azure cloud hosting, empowered governments to achieve digital transformation swiftly.

At Radical I/O Technology Inc., Briana wore many hats as the COO. She ensured smooth operations, set strategic goals, and nurtured meaningful relationships within the tech community. Her commitment to doing good extended to supporting non-profits, making a difference one project at a time.

Her earlier roles at The University of British Columbia saw her guiding students through international education opportunities and supporting the university’s internationalization initiatives. At York University, she played a pivotal role in the IEP Bridging Program, helping professional immigrants integrate into the Ontario workforce, and managed events and promotions, enhancing the student experience.

Briana's academic journey was equally impressive. She earned a Master of Education (M.Ed) from York University, focusing on post-secondary education internationalization. She also held a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with Honours in Management from Golden Gate University and pursued a diploma in Computer Programming & Analysis at Seneca Polytechnic. Briana's story is one of innovation, inclusion, and impactful leadership. Her journey continues to inspire, showing that with dedication and passion, one can truly make a difference in the world.

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