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Bélise Songa | Belgium (Europe) | Representation Matters

People Manager After I completed my studies, I worked as a lawyer for MLOZ, my work consisted of legal analysis in the field of social law. Digitalisation being necessary for the accompaniment of the members and the good management of the business. We implemented an agile methodology to bring the management and IT teams closer. However, we quickly realized that there was a huge gap between business needs and IT implementation. I was appointed Product Owner tasked to close this gap- but in order to do that, I needed to acquire the necessary skills. I attended various training courses and after work meetings. After that, I moved to work as a project manager and later on scrum master – now I am a people and staffing manager. ICT is seen as men’s duty/ place to be, but for us women it isn’t – we have to fight for it and make more effort to be heard. I want to reach out to the youngest and open the doors for them, and make them aware of this still unknown sector which is nevertheless our future, their future. IT is the future, by encouraging more young talent to join in this field, we are also ensuring a safe diversified future. Together we can make a difference. Representation matters, I am thankful for all of you helping to achieve this goal.

What books are you currently reading? I am currently reading: Becoming by Michelle Obama – is always inspiring to read someone else's journey.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them? For me, the trigger was my meeting with Giovana Carusso (IT Manager), a woman of character who is not afraid to break stereotypes and speak up in a world with 95% of men, she believed in a future where women get to create and benefit from technology. This is also the future that I saw and wished to contribute to building.

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally? My advice: Be yourself, dare to speak up and show what you are worth. Find your voice…speak up and connect with good mentors.

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IG: belisesonga


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