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Attiya Faiz | Kenya & UK | Patience & Consistency

Certified Personal Trainer | Diet Planner

My name is Attiya Faiz. I am a muslim lady born and raised in Mombasa Kenya, but currently in UK. My fitness journey began 6 years ago at a time when I was very self conscious and had little self confidence. I started working out a few hours at the gym everyday and slowly changing my diet. As days went by I started seeing results and that is when I said to myself from here onwards this is the life I choose for myself. FitwithAttiya came about when people around me saw my transformation and got inspired. They kept asking for diet plans and work out routines. At first I did it just as a friendly gesture sharing my journey and helping friends and family. The circle grew with time and it started taking a toll on me, following up on people and all so that is when I decided to do it on a bigger scale as an income generating activity. Although my charges are minimal. I am the CEO of FitwithAttiya, an online weight management program especially made for ladies. My program focuses on different aspects of weight issues and I work mainly with diets and exercise plans.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them? Among the challenges I have faced are acceptance. I come from a place where food is an integral part of the community. Any gathering however small or big, formal or informal is not complete without delicacies. Most of them are simple carbs, sweets and fried food. Cutting down on these was tough. People felt offended when I would be offered and declined. It did affect me but my determination was strong. They now appreciate me after seeing my transformation and have even started normalizing healthier options in their menu. I ALWAYS TELL THEM (YOU VS YOU) SO WORKHARD. I took it further by studying more on fitness and nutrition so I can help better fellow women.

What books are you currently reading?

The books I am reading currently are THE GLUTE GUY AND LEANER THINNER AND STRONGER

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

All I can say to them is that patience and consistency is the key to success. Also being a hijabi fitness trainer is ok. No one should make you give up because you are a hijabian.

Social Media Handles: Instagram: fitwithattiya Facebook: Attiya faiz


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