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April Hicke | Canada | Disrupting Norms & Inspiring Others

Updated: Jun 14

Co-Founder + Chief Growth Officer @ Toast

Meet April Hicke, the dynamic force behind Toast, where she serves as Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, dedicated to reshaping the tech industry's gender narrative. With over 15 years of leadership honed in strategic team development and change management, April is at the forefront of fostering gender diversity and inclusion within tech through Toast. Her journey began with a passion for disrupting norms and inspiring others to think beyond limits. As a Certified Change Practitioner, April brings a unique blend of expertise in business process improvement and talent planning, positioning Toast as a catalyst for meaningful change in tech hiring practices.

April's impact extends beyond Toast; she's a strategic advisor at The51 and has held pivotal roles at ATB Financial and PwC Canada, where she drove digital product operations and workforce transformation initiatives.

Her tenure at WestJet, from project specialist to leading VA services, underscores her commitment to innovation and operational excellence.

Known for her exuberant personality and knack for building strong relationships, April is not just transforming companies; she's mentoring emerging leaders and championing psychological safety in teams.

Her dedication to bridging gender gaps and expanding into the US market reflects her vision for a more inclusive tech ecosystem.

As Toast continues to grow, April remains steadfast in her mission to empower women in tech and redefine industry standards. Join her on the journey to drive innovation and diversity forward.

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