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Anastasia Artemova | Canada | Problem-Solving & Growth Opportunities

Updated: Jun 11

Co-Founder | Creating the Future of Work in Canada

Anastasia Artemova is a dynamic force in the tech industry, balancing her passion for product development and growth leadership with her love for adventure. As a co-founder of MavenMind, she helps newcomers in Canada build dream careers with AI-driven career coaching. Anastasia’s impressive track record includes leading startups from zero to success, securing over $200M in early-stage funding, and achieving two major acquisitions. Her professional journey began with roles in HRtech, fintech, real estate, and e-commerce, where she honed her skills in AI, NLP, and video games. At Boundless Life, she empowered digital nomad families with K12 education solutions and achieved remarkable growth metrics. Her tenure at Delphia involved managing AI and user research projects, while her role at Ubico focused on product transition and team processes.

Anastasia’s career is marked by her ability to build and lead high-performing product teams in B2B SaaS environments. At Unity Technologies, she spearheaded market discovery and strategy for a new platform, and at Achievers, she revolutionized HRtech products, significantly improving NPS and retention rates.

Beyond her corporate achievements, Anastasia is passionate about the future of work, the creator economy, and women in leadership. Her advice to budding entrepreneurs is to build trust within communities by providing free value, leading to organic problem-solving and growth opportunities.

Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University and specialization in design and computer applications from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Anastasia’s drive to connect with other founders and her forward-thinking approach make her a pivotal figure in the tech landscape, continually pushing boundaries and inspiring others to achieve their full potential.

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