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Amir Mohammed Amin | Ghana | Craftsmanship & Aesthetic Excellence


Entrepreneur | Landscaper | Home Improver | FDI Promotion | Exterior Designer

Amir Mohammed Amin's journey from a dreamer to an achiever is one defined by passion, determination, and unwavering faith. His transformative voyage began during his time in SHS when a solitary endeavor in wall painting and design laid the foundation for what would become the thriving entity known as Allure. Relocating to Accra from Kumasi in 2013, Amir's encounters with inspiring individuals ignited the flame of expansion within him. In 2015, the seed of innovation took root, giving birth to Allure as a brand. With a fervent passion for Interior and Exterior décor, Amir ventured into full-scale services, later diversifying into building construction just three years down the road.

From the foundational stages of brick-laying to the finishing touches of roofing, Allure's comprehensive construction services reflect Amir's unwavering dedication to quality craftsmanship and aesthetic excellence. This commitment propelled Allure into the echelons of reputable construction and décor firms.

Amir's unquenchable thirst for growth led to notable partnerships with international brands, elevating Allure's standing within the industry.

A pivotal moment came in 2023 when his business acumen took him across the seas to the USA. His participation in the SelectUS summit spurred him to establish a new branch in Alexandria, Virginia, marking a significant milestone in Allure's expansion.

Under Amir's guidance, Allure continues to redefine the boundaries of construction, décor, and innovation. His leadership inspires the team to push the envelope and exceed expectations. As they expand their horizons, Amir Mohammed Amin's legacy as a pioneer and leader remains the cornerstone of Allure's success.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @allurerediscovery

LINKEDIN: Amir Mohammed Amin


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