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Amina Khalid Ahmed | Kenya | A Little Push

Entrepreneur | Self-Taught Cake Designer | Website Developer | Humanitarian

I am none other than a 23 year old self taught baker, cake designer, youngest entrepreneur; madam cakes is also what people often call me. I’ve always been passionate about baking since when I was 17years old and as of today I have been in the bakery space or industry for 7years. I am humbled and grateful to say I have been able to achieve a-lot in my cake artistry journey. I am the CEO and founder of Minat Bakery, a cake company that designs birthday cakes, wedding cakes and any

other type of cakes. We also do services like setting a dessert table in an event and teaching students the art of baking. I was also awarded the Top 100 Most Kenyan Influential Muslims. I won the Best Cake Tasting 2021 courtesy of Mombasa Maize Millers. I also got the chance to be featured on KTN TV home as Millennial on the move and graduated at Academy for Women Entrepreneurs AWE in Kenya hosted by United States of America Alumni. I have been blessed to have participated in Entrepreneurship Summits like Youth Empowerment Program Initiative and pitched my business idea which led me to win several awards. One of my biggest achievements was being selected by two prestigious organizations: Tony Elumelu Foundation & Forbes Africa 30 under 30 in which I was a semi final candidate. I’d say without not forgetting some challenges in the business as well. I have a dream of teaching my skills to other people so that they can be able to make money on their own as well as empowering them to believe in themselves and try to create something in order to chase after their goals. Teaching for me is something I really really enjoy doing because it gives me contentment and courage to be able to inspire others. I’ve had mentors that I really look up-to in the bakery space who’ve made a huge difference in my life. My mother and my family have been my biggest supporters whenever I think of doing something new. Last year I attempted breaking the Guinness World Record by frosting 74 cupcakes in one minute and thanks to God I actually was able to break the record.

What books are you currently reading?

Steve Harvey is someone I’d love to meet in future InShaAllah because we both share similar inspirational stories. He started from nothing, and now he is a very prominent and wealthy person - as a comedian, philanthropist and giving hope to people. He says” your gift is something that you do your absolute best with the least amount of effort” . Those words worked magic on me. I’ve watched all of his motivational talks on youtube and read his book: Think Like Success and Act Like Success. Hoping to meet Mr. Steve Harvey and let him know the impact he made on my life.

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

Sometimes we all need a little push in our lives. That's why I am a huge fan of watching successful stories re: people who’ve made it in life. One of my biggest achievements is meeting World Best Cake Artist, Chef Tuba in Turkey after communicating and connecting via social media for about 6 years. I was able to see her this year and she really congratulated me on the work I’ve been doing and how I am inspiring other people out here.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @minat_.huncho @minat_bakery @minat_cake_zone_academy


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