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Ama Pratt | Ghana | Women In Leadership

I believe PR is an innovative space where inspiring communication and media campaigns capture the interest of the public, ecosystem and build relationships with all manner of organizations. There are so many ways to incorporate creativity in the process of reaching my key audiences and goals – and it’s so exciting to be able to brainstorm ideas and implement contents that are out of the box, but impactful.

My name is Ama Pratt. I am a proud product of Mfantsiman Girls Secondary School, University of Ghana and University of Buckingham in the UK with a background in LLB (law). I have always had a healthy relationship with the media space. It started with writing a teen's column as a teenager on my experiences and thoughts on life and the growing up process. I went on to do features and reports and some editorials for The Insight Newspaper in Ghana for 4years. Later, I went on to work in the financial space for a bit - Ghana Commercial Bank and Zenith Bank. I have years of experience with the media in various capacities such as columnist, features writer, editorials and presently, appearances on television and radio programmes as a human rights activist and social analyst. I want to affect lives. There's this belief I have that life should be about more than the regular 8:00 am to 5:00pm! That my existence on earth should count for something ... Be about something! As a public relations and CEO of M.A.P Concept, Ghana my goal is to help businesses harness the power of communication for optimal productivity.

M.A.P Concepts was started as a multimedia firm with focus on Advocacy through productions, advertising, marketing and events organization. We are a culturally driven and rapidly growing full service public relations agency, led by young dynamic professionals. We provide holistic brand solutions to make sure you connect with your stakeholders across countries, platforms and industries with culturally sensitive services. We are presently working on a television talk show "The Couch with Ama Pratt", themed on social issues and human interest stories which I produce and host with an excellent team.

Lastly, momentarily I have been more involved and passionate about a new project called: OBASIMA SUMMIT.

THE OBAASIMA SUMMIT is an annual gathering of women designed to empower, equip, promote and propel them to live and pursue their dreams. Empowering women to take up roles is therefore critical and essential for the development of the country. It is therefore imperative that such women should be encouraged to take on more leadership roles in their communities.

The SUMMIT also highlights extraordinary achievements of women who have been empowered thereby creating the platform to commit the younger generation to a better stand-point to achieve their dreams. The summit will also address social issues including maternal health issues, poverty, and gender equality.

What were the biggest initial hurdles when you first started?

When you mention you are a PR or you are in the media space, people often grimace! They see PRs as pushy, annoying people that are to be avoided. However, with the movement or landscape of media the negative connotation is the norms as a way to push social agendas in our community.

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

My advice is, play a critical role in the progressive portrayal of women. Always capture audience interest, influence their emotional response and inspire them to take action. It is a unifying theme that can be used across all campaign messages, calls to action, communication channels and audiences.


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