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Alexandra Kapelos-Peters | Canada | Orchestrating Connections Between Leaders

Updated: Jun 10

Founder, CEO, COO, PM | Connecting Great People, Teams, & Companies

Introducing Alexandra Kapelos-Peters, the powerhouse behind the scenes at Cansulta! She's like the conductor of a symphony, orchestrating connections between leaders and potential game-changers with finesse and flair. Looking into the crystal ball of the future, Alexandra sees a world where consulting and e-commerce are getting makeovers that would make even Hollywood jealous. It's a thrilling saga of remote work taking the stage, ESG and sustainability emerging as the unsung heroes, and blockchain and Web3 tech swooping in like caped crusaders to revolutionize security and supply chains.

But fear not, because Alexandra's got the AI ace up her sleeve! From sifting through resumes to crafting captivating marketing content, AI is her trusty sidekick, ensuring that everything runs smoother than a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

Now, when it comes to doling out advice, Alexandra's got wisdom for days. She's all about embracing change, staying curious, and never forgetting to keep the customer front and center. It's like getting business advice from a wise sage, but with a modern twist.

And what's next for Alexandra and the Cansulta crew? They're expanding their Partner Program, hosting epic live events, and swooping in to save the day for small- and mid-sized businesses across the US and Canada. It's like watching a superhero origin story unfold, but with a dash of business savvy! So, if you're ever in need of a business match made in heaven or a dose of entrepreneurial inspiration, Alexandra Kapelos-Peters and Cansulta are your go-to dream team. After all, who needs fairy godmothers when you've got savvy consultants and a sprinkle of AI magic on your side?

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