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Afshan Ahmad | Canada | Innovation With Purpose

Founder | Manager - Artificial Intelligence, Data Engineer, Data Wrangler, IoT Developer

Afshan Ahmad's journey is a tale of ambition, innovation, and leadership in the realm of cutting-edge technology. With a dynamic background in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Process Automation, and innovative tech strategies, Afshan has carved a niche for herself at Deloitte, where she currently serves as the Manager of Artificial Intelligence and Data. Her entrepreneurial path with NeuraVue Ltd. began in June 2021, driven by a vision to revolutionize safety monitoring through advanced AI and machine learning technologies. NeuraVue's platform transforms standard camera feeds into dynamic emergency alert systems, detecting incidents like falls, physical abuses, or weapon presence in real time. Afshan’s commitment to ethical AI usage and her focus on addressing real-world problems set NeuraVue apart in the industry.

At Deloitte, Afshan started in July 2015 as a Senior Consultant in Risk Advisory, excelling in identifying risks and managing third-party assurance programs. She transitioned to the AI team in June 2018, managing $100 million digital and cloud transformation projects and developing the AI Risk and Governance Framework.

By January 2022, Afshan became a Manager, driving AI and data innovations, presenting solutions to C-suite stakeholders, and assisting financial institutions in establishing Automation Centers of Excellence.

Afshan's leadership at NeuraVue aims to expand its reach in North America, partnering with organizations that share its vision of enhancing safety while upholding privacy. She collaborates with technology leaders to advance NeuraVue’s capabilities and explore new applications for AI and machine learning in safety monitoring.

Afshan's story teaches the importance of innovation with purpose, ethical technology use, and leveraging AI to solve real-world problems. Her journey demonstrates how passion and strategic thinking can drive meaningful impact and lead to pioneering advancements in technology and safety.

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