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Afia Pokua | Ghana | Undeterred & Formidable

Mentor | Editor | Radio & Television Personalities | Journalist

Communication Specialist | Philanthropist @ Vim Foundation | Lecturer @ High-Speed Media

As the sun rises over the bustling streets of Ghana, Afia Pokua, known far and wide as Vim Lady, stands at the forefront of the media revolution. But her journey began long before the spotlight found her. Growing up, Afia's curiosity knew no bounds. From devouring books to engaging in spirited debates, she possessed an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a keen sense of justice. These traits would shape her path in ways she couldn't yet imagine. In her formative years at Labone Senior High School, Afia's natural charisma and gift for communication began to shine. Little did she know, these qualities would become her greatest assets in the years to come. With dreams of making a difference, Afia pursued higher education at the prestigious Ghana Institute of Journalism and later, the Ghana Institute of Management And Public Administration, where she delved into the complexities of law and public administration.

Armed with a formidable intellect and a passion for storytelling, Afia embarked on her media career, quickly rising through the ranks to become the editor of Adom FM. Undeterred, Afia faced the challenge head-on, emerging stronger and more determined than ever.

In a bold move, she charted a new course, joining UTV under the esteemed Despite Media Group. There, she captivated audiences with her incisive analysis and magnetic presence, solidifying her status as a media powerhouse.

But Afia's impact extends far beyond the airwaves. In 2018, she founded the SugarDem Ministry, a beacon of hope for women across Ghana, advocating for gender equality and empowering individuals to reclaim their power in relationships.

Amidst accolades and recognition, including the esteemed title of Radio Female Presenter of the Year, Afia remains grounded in her mission to amplify marginalized voices and drive positive change in her community.

With each broadcast, each initiative, Afia Pokua leaves an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who encounter her, proving that with passion, resilience, and a dash of vim, anything is possible.

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