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Adedoyin Jaiyesimi | Nigeria | Bigger Picture

Co-Founder, The Comms Avenue | Communications Advisor | Part-Time Lecturer I Public Policy | Author of From Clueless to Success

As a teenager, I was determined to live a successful life, but I had no clear idea of what that meant or which career path to take from the many options available.

Following a failed attempt to stay in the city where I attended university, I decided to embrace an uncertain path and see where it would take me, armed with my writing talent. Despite studying Law, I had no interest in pursuing a legal career, nor did I intend to become a writer. However, I had nothing to lose, so I decided to explore this uncharted territory. I started as an intern and gradually rose to the position of Brand Communications Manager. Later, I started and managed a successful brand communications company. Today, I am honored to serve as Co-Founder of The Comms Avenue, a mission-driven community of over 1000 communications professionals from 20 African countries.

While my journey did not go as I had imagined or planned, I find it incredibly fulfilling to be used by God to impact lives across multiple locations and nations using the talents and gifts bestowed upon me.

What were the biggest initial hurdles you faced and how did you overcome them?

One of the major challenges I encountered was the lack of clarity on my life's direction. I was unaware of my talents and confused about the path to take. However, as I followed God's guidance and immersed myself in serving others, clarity emerged. Not only did this assist me in discovering and refining my talents, but it also instilled confidence in my purpose on earth.

Another significant obstacle I faced was the absence of necessary resources. It's disheartening to have grand aspirations without the means to accomplish them, and it can be discouraging to encounter repeated rejections and "no" responses. What has kept me going is my unwavering faith in God. I've realized that nothing is beyond His power, and I've witnessed the transformative impact of trusting Him. Consequently, whenever I confront hurdles, I surrender them to God and persevere.

What advice do you have for young people locally and internationally who are just starting out in their careers or pursuing their passions?

It's essential to have a bigger picture in mind. While it's wonderful to earn money and lead a comfortable life, there is more to life than that. To have a meaningful and gratifying career and life journey, it's vital to consider how your talents and abilities can be leveraged to serve others and fulfill their needs. As you pursue your goals, keep in mind the bigger picture - the lives you can influence, the communities you can impact, and the nations you can transform. Even if you're starting small, remember that every small seed has the potential to grow into a mighty, robust tree.

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