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Abraham Ohene-Djan | Ghana & UK | Blend of Creativity

Television & Video Producer & Video Director of OM Studios | Video Production Manager

Abraham's mastery of storytelling, influenced by his background in music video production, has made him an invaluable collaborator on numerous corporate projects. My professional journey led me to work with Abraham during my time at Vodafone Ghana, where he served as our preferred video production agency. His exceptional work included projects like the Vodafone Homecoming, Make a Wish campaign, and impactful videos for our CEO and leadership teams.

Continuing our collaboration at former Tigo, the 'Shelter for Education' series became a standout project. Abraham directed and shot 10 episodes, documenting the construction of classrooms for children in underserved communities. His post-production work was excellent, and the series was broadcast on six local television networks, showcasing his talent for crafting engaging narratives.

Abraham's professionalism, creativity, and depth of knowledge make him my go-to choice for any radio or television production needs. With a career spanning three decades and a proven track record in media entrepreneurship, he has successfully overseen millions of dollars in production budgets and worked with major multinational companies.

His expertise in setting up, launching, and running television and radio stations is commendable.

As Founder and Creative Director of Ohenemedia (OM Studios), Abraham demonstrated strong leadership, overseeing corporate management, team leadership, and creative and technical aspects. His achievements, including managing the Ohenemedia YouTube CMS with over 50 channels and amassing over 5 million combined subscribers, reflect his dedication and expertise. Abraham's impact goes beyond the professional realm; he has contributed significantly to the development of the media landscape across West Africa. His skill in training and nurturing industry professionals has played a vital role in establishing Ohenemedia as a key player in the industry.

In conclusion, Abraham Ohene-Djan is a creative force with a wealth of experience and a passion for impactful storytelling. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any project requiring a blend of creativity, professionalism, and a deep understanding of the media landscape.

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LinkedIn: Abraham Ohene-Djan


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