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Según Johnson | Nigeria | Collaborate & Inspire!

My opportunity moment started right after I was done with tertiary institution. I got a tweet from a twitter user asking me if I can fly down to another location for a styling job because my twitter bio description indicates my vast experience in cloth designing. In fact, my trip was arranged and I went off for a month. When I returned back I started reading much more about styling on google & streaming contents on youtube. My craft improves day after day. As the journey continue the idea to launch a clothing line came through @frontiershouseofstyle I created. I am targeting a little fashionably aware kind of a clientele. When someone comes to me to design something, it is not the collection that matters. I would want them to associate with my brand - taking a story with them.

People nowadays are looking for an outlet - for their voices to be heard. We all know that when you feel beautiful, you become more confident. I simply want to help my clients get to that point of self-love. The future is bright and my work ethic, determination and optimistic spirit will drive me through. I'm not stopping until I get there!

My biggest inspirations is God first‎ & foremost, nigeria designer Mai Atafo, Orange Culture, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes, Mango and Ralph Lauren.

My favorite aspect of been an entrepreneur is waking up everyday to see orders taken and how I meet up with my stakeholders even on short notice & seeing people happy wearing what I have made them.

5 elements in running a business.

1. Know what your business is about

2. Have passion for your business

3. Invest everything within you into the business

4. Grow the business

5. Improve your craft.

My most satisfying moment is when my clients and customers want more of my services.

My advice to upcoming entrepreneurs is have a dying passion for your job, build - from baby steps, its hard but you gonna survive it, invest as much more in your business & trust God on the journey. To older entrepreneurs, please try as much to collaborate with young talented upcoming entrepreneurs across the world.

New Change!!

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