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Jennifer Yip | Hong Kong | Breathe - In & Out!

I suffered from panic attack and chronic stress years ago, at the moment I want to end my life. A voice came to me, "breathe Jen, and you are free". After all the help I've got from various dieticians, medications and psychiatrists, after years of aimless wandering, it dawned on me that healing never came from outside but from within. Today, I am a certified holistic life coach in Hong Kong and founder of "Living Life with Jen", co - create a stress-free life with professionals through a mixture of dietary and emotion - focused coping strategies. I see the pain inside all of us in this stressful city and times. And I would like to use my story and skill to inspire and heal them. The best part of life is truly living it and I believe everyday we all have a chance to begin again.

To become an entrepreneur, we must have PASSION. The passion of knowing what we love, and what we are good at. And have the strong believe that we can make it a professions one day which our passion is being paid by others who need it most.

To be a successful entrepreneur, in my point of view, I think these 3 is very important:

1. 8 hours sleep per day: Our sleep is not empty time, but time of intense neurological activity. An 8 hours sleep a day improves immunity, performance, focus, memory, mood, and prevent fatigue.

2. Healthy gut: Our gut is our second brain, 90% of neurotransmitters are produced in it which regulate our mood and directly influence our productivity.

3. Meditation: "The real confidence is from inner peace” Einstein. The only way to achieve it is through one conscious breathing.

In & Out!

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