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Darling Amoo | Accra | Crawl Before You WALK!

My journey began 7years ago, it was all for fun. But the more I went for a yoga class the more I was amazed at what my body was capable of. And in 2014, I found out I had a tumor in my brain and had to surgically remove it. I was very depressed and stressed of the unknown. I started to take yoga and meditation seriously and every single day I stayed positive and worked out till my surgery day. Everything went successfully.

What made you take the leap into entrepreneurship? I began to think as I was recovering from my surgery why don’t I share the yoga experience with everyone on the planet earth and in 2015 I went for a yoga teacher teaching. I wanted to understand not only what yoga entitled but the anatomy and physiology aspect of the human body. I graduated with a 200hrs yoga training from a yoga alliance recognized yoga school and began teaching right after. What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them as an entrepreneur? My failure as an entrepreneur is not doing a good market research and this has caused me to have setbacks. Also patience with growing a business has taught me to crawl before I walk and not just walk when you begin. How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life? Being an entrepreneur has affected the amount of time I spend with my family as well friends however, they understand the importance of what I'm doing, they know its impactful and they are supportive and understanding. What motivates you as an entrepreneur? Growth or maturity motivates me. When I look back to when I embarked this journey to where I am today, I must admit I am truly happy with the progress. The number of people I inspire and also seeing my students grow with their practice on and off the the mat. How do you generate new ideas when you are working on your projects? By researching and reading What advice would you give to an upcoming young and old entrepreneur locally and internationally? As an upcoming entrepreneur, one needs to understand that the dynamic of business is very dicey and there will be setback, lots of frustration, and there will be time when you feel like giving up because it is not easy. But then you need to ask yourself this question, Why did I begin? For a business to grow and be sustainable over a long period of time, an entrepreneur need to be patient with all the setbacks of business cycle and still persevere.


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