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Valerie Lawson | Accra | Start Young!

I never wanted to work for anyone because during my internship at the university level, there were few inappropriate exchanges occurring between the senior executives men and the young interns that changed my view of working for someone. It was either the case of interns trying to climb higher in position or financial favours. I vow to never be put myself in that position again. This was before my discovery and love for makeup creativity. I found makeup when I once saw a young talented lady at a Mac store. I ended up duplicating her look on an aunty of mine who encouraged me to pursue this because she loved the coverage she had on her her own words "you managed to do so yet maintain a natural finish".

My initial hurdle was just the entire risk. Meanwhile, the industry wasn't saturated and not as respected back then - I am referring to years years ago. I was trying to avoid the same quo-notation most business students encounter and branching into what most teased as "painting faces". I just had to take the plunge and my passion kept me going.

My parents were super encouraging and supportive throughout my journey. My father is an entrepreneur and my mother is an artist. Few gifts were passed along when I was young because I watched them all my life enjoying their crafts. They always knew arts would play a major role in life and career.

The single most influential factor in my career momentarily has been - following my guts. My guts have led me to take decisive risk which seems meaningless to few friends back then and now. All these taught me some amazing lessons and have been super rewarding, leading to the success of my business - networking etc.

I now know not to be afraid of the "what ifs". If this is truly something you're passionate about, the journey will be absolutely amazing beyond any plans and strategies you may put in place. Just start young with what ever you have, mind your business (meaning avoid wasting your energy focusing meaningless conversations etc), stay focused and follow your gut!

Your Business - Your Life!

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