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Essa Al Ansari | Dubai | Baby Steps!

My name is Essa Al Ansari from Dubai and my journey was a long one. I have been overweight most of my life until around 2012. I decided that I had to change my lifestyle! It took me 4 years to loose 70kg. It was one of the best times of my life but at the same time one of the most challenging times in my life! When the old Essa would want to come out and return to his lazy ways, I made sure I put him back in his place. I reminded myself – that nothing will get in my way. I am now Essa Al Ansari, fit, healthy, determined and most of all grateful for being on this path!

I currently run 2 businesses, I have always wanted to be my own boss! one of my business is within the Hospitality Sector and the other one is more into motivational speaking and fitness!

It was very tough to start my own business, funding it, finding investors etc. However, it is always about learning and taking baby steps in order to reach your goals. Did I overcome these challenges? yes for sure but it did not happen overnight and it took lot of my time and effort!

The single most influential factor in my business success was my father, my father is the one that made me start my own business! He has been working so hard all his life and built many companies around the UAE and still works hard! He is an inspirational person and my idol! I look up to him and I often go to him for advise – especially if I have question surrounding my life and business.

hmm, what would I have known today that I wish I would have known before? to be honest many things but it is all about learning from your mistakes and dealing with them!

Advice for young or old entrepreneurs:

- Challenge yourself

- Take the risk

- Believe in yourself

- Have a vision

- Face your fears

- Surround yourself with positive people

Your Goal

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