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Top 100 Notable businesses - in background see black and white.jpg

Top 100 Notable Businesses 

The "Top 100 Notable Businesses" award recognizes and celebrates the outstanding achievements of businesses across various industries and around the world. From innovative startups to established corporations, this award honors companies that have demonstrated exceptional performance, growth, and impact in their respective fields. 

100 Most Notable Talents & Creatives - musicians, actors, atthetes.jpg

100 Most Notable Talents & Creatives

The "Most Notable Talents & Creatives" award celebrates the exceptional individuals whose remarkable talents and creative endeavors have captivated and inspired audiences worldwide. 

Top 5 MVPs & HEROs

The "5 MVPs & HEROs" award honors the exceptional contributions and outstanding achievements of individuals who have gone above and beyond in their respective fields. Whether it's through leadership, innovation, community service, or extraordinary acts of heroism, these five individuals have made a significant impact and served as role models for others.

Social media influencers.jpg

100 Most Notable Influencers & Content Creators

The "Most Notable Influencers & Content Creators" award celebrates individuals who have made a significant impact through their online presence, influencing trends, sparking conversations, and engaging audiences across various platforms. 

Business Mavericks_ Top 100 Trailblazers.jpg

Business Mavericks: Top 100 Trailblazers

The "Mavericks: Top 100 Trailblazers" award celebrates the bold and innovative spirit of individuals who fearlessly pave new paths and challenge the status quo in their respective fields.

Empower100_ Celebrating Influential Women - black, white, india and chinese women - use a

Empower100: Celebrating Influential Women

The "Celebrating Influential Women" award recognizes outstanding women who have made significant contributions in their respective fields, inspiring others through their leadership, innovation, and advocacy.

Community Champions_ Top 100 Community Influencers (Giving Back) .jpg

Community Champions: Top 100 Community Influencers (Giving Back) 

The "Champions: Top 100 Community Influencers (Giving Back)" award recognizes individuals whose impactful contributions and unwavering dedication have made a significant difference in their communities. 

government employees .jpg

Top 5 Veterans & Civil Servants

The "5 Veterans & Civil Servants" award recognizes the outstanding contributions and sacrifices made by veterans and civil servants in serving their country and communities.

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After seeing your name as a winner you order or request for your plaque or trophy to be sent to your address of your choice. So do a new section - for winners to fill-out something to short with a drop of their categories as winners, and next address, name payment

OPT-IN: (No refund will be awarded for putting in the wrong email). Award Hardware - ($650CAD + shipping + tax if required). Shipping from Ontario, Canada.

Payment required for award hardware, shipping costs, taxes will be required after you or your company or NPO is selected. Yes, we do ship overseas.

Payment Mode: (Credit Card/Mastercard). You will be required to send us your mailing address following notification.

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