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Wilson Senya | Ghana | Transformation & Growth

Founder | CEO | Entrepreneur

Meet, Wilson Senya: Catalyst for Transformation in Africa 🌟🌍 As the visionary Chief Executive Officer of the African Entrepreneurship Academy, Wilson Senya stands at the forefront of a mission to ignite entrepreneurship as a driving force for positive change across the African continent. With over a decade of experience, he has emerged as a leading trainer and speaker in the realms of leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal development.

Beyond his role at the helm of Wilkasen Estates, a testament to his entrepreneurial prowess, Wilson has been instrumental in shaping the minds of aspiring leaders and business enthusiasts. A graduate of the University of Ghana with a Bachelor of Arts in Information Science/Studies, Wilson's journey has been marked by a relentless commitment to adding value to individuals and businesses alike.

In addition to his dynamic leadership at the African Entrepreneurship Academy, Wilson is also the founder of Born4xploits, a platform dedicated to empowering individuals to embrace their potential fully. His influence extends further as the President of Wilson Senya World Outreach Ministries, where he combines his passion for entrepreneurship with a deep commitment to spreading a positive message.

Wilson's impact is not confined to the boardroom; he is actively engaged in community outreach through initiatives like the Success Forum, a career guidance program for high school students. Moreover, Entrepreneurship Africa, a strategic seminar organized by him, serves as a beacon for those seeking insights into the world of business and innovation.

As a motivational speaker, author, life coach, and advocate for gospel teachings, Wilson Senya brings a holistic approach to his endeavors. His published works stand as a testament to his commitment to helping individuals discover their purpose, fulfill their potential, and maximize their capabilities.

In alignment with his vision for a thriving Africa, Wilson has opened admissions for a 6-week Executive Certificate course in Business Management & Entrepreneurship at the African Entrepreneurship Academy. This intensive program covers vital modules such as Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Management, Marketing & Branding, Business Plan, Financial Management, and Critical Thinking etc.

Aspiring entrepreneurs under his guidance are not only equipped with practical skills but also have the opportunity to participate in a business plan competition and connect with potential funders.

Wilson Senya's story is one of dedication, empowerment, and a relentless pursuit of transforming dreams into reality. His impact resonates not only in the boardrooms of thriving businesses but also in the hearts of individuals inspired to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Explore the transformative journey of Wilson Senya and join the movement toward a flourishing Africa!

Social Media Handles:

Facebook: @wilsonk.senya

Instagram: @wilsonsenya

Tiktok: @wilsonsenya

LinkedIn: Wilson Senya


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