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William Johnson -"StayJay" | Ghana | Your CRAFT

Twitter: @stayjaygh

Instagram: @stayjaygh

People might say, music is a hobby and career is a future plan. But a DREAM, is beyond anything and everything. There is nothing more to a human being than his or her dream. Therefore, I believe music is meant to send YOU on a musical, emotional, mental, and spiritual journey.

Being the last of 9, music didn’t sound like something my family would expect me to do. But surprisingly here I am. I decided to create my own path and it worked for me. As someone born in the mid 80s, Michael Jackson inspired me a lot and my stage name “Stay Jay”. I was coined to keep my surname Johnson on. My debut album Repetition came out in 2011 and I had most of my major hits in the music business. From Shashee Wowo, Sue and so many others. In 2012, I won Best New Artiste of the Year at the VGMA and so many other nominations and awards have followed. I have performed at a lot of high profiled events in Ghana and abroad which includes the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Ghana Meets Naija in Ghana, Ghana Meets Naija In UK, Mario and Jay Holiday Concert, Kente Festival both in London and Amsterdam, Perth Festival in Australia, Tours in Holland, France, Germany, Austria amongst others. Dr Duncan’s Kasahare freestyle sessions way back on Adom FM got me much attention as well. I never underrated any platform. I got the chance to Grace and that has shaped me a lot till now. Consistency has always been key. Being one of the popular Ghanaian musicians, a song writer, performer, celebrity and a businessman; my contributions to the Ghanaian music industry have earned me numerous accolades. And also was the first Ghanaian musician to hit 1 million views on YouTube in West Africa with my hit song Shashee Wowo. I am also one of the major proponents of the Azonto genre and dance.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

So many hurdles. Being able to maintain the brand in this music industry and still be relevant. Hard work is what keeps me going. Making sure I appear at places and share my opinions on issues as well. I give a helping hand to a lot of artists whom I don’t talk about and one way or the other they show their appreciation so it keeps me going. Sometimes I do charity shows to support the less privileged widows and orphans.

What books are you currently reading?

None currently, but a Christian, the Bible is something I do not joke with. I make an effort to read and understand on a daily basis.

What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got started?

Social media. It’s been working loads of magic for me now and if I had known much about it earlier I would have connected with loads of people all over the world.

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

Understand your craft, being educated and being religious. Know what you want to do with your craft. It will help a lot. When you start making it, a lot of people will come with so much advice and if you are not well focused, that might sway you. Knowing your mission and vision will help you render justice to the right advice.


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