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Wale Lawal | Houston, Texas | Get 1% Better Daily

Real Estate Broker | Real Estate Investor | Entrepreneur | Founder | Engineer

My name is Wale Lawal. I am a Nigerian American, Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur, Founder and a Chemical Engineer. I was born in Jos, Nigeria and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and relocated to the United States in December 2014. I am an Alumni of Prairie View A&M University, Texas and University of Lagos (UNILAG), Nigeria. I grew up from a humble beginning, the 1st of four children. I was raised by my grandma in Magodo, Lagos, Nigeria. Even though Magodo is a decent Estate in Lagos for an average Lagosian, my grandparent was only lucky to have been zoned to that estate due to some development in the area. I grew in this estate and saw a lot of rich people, big cars and big houses and this is where the passion for real estate and the desire to succeed was born because I made up my mind to be a wealthy person and build wealth through real estate so I can help my immediate family and anyone I can help.

I also saw the good side and the bad side of life while growing up but I did not allow peer pressure to take over my big dreams and ambitions, so I decided to choose my circle carefully. I started my Real Estate business journey in 2019 after purchasing my primary residence. I decided to go full-time into Real Estate and quit my corporate engineering job. I have been able to help over 100 people to take action in Real Estate either buying, selling or investing in Real Estate. I have also attracted a lot of great minds via my real estate advice videos and my local real estate events. My expansive network of real estate investors and potential investors is quickly growing because I consider myself an ON-FIRE Real Estate Broker. I have been featured on several podcasts including the Bigger Pockets Podcast (The World Largest Network of Real Estate Investors) and I was cited in Yahoo! Finance as “a massive influence on the real estate industry in the Houston Area.” One of my token traits is his devotion to educating new real estate investors and agents, frequently conducting face-to-face and virtual coaching meetings. I have also been recognized and won several awards within the Real Estate Industry.

I also facilitate many educational and informative events on real estate buying, selling and investing in real estate. I enjoy helping others to take-action in real estate and achieve their financial freedom through real estate. My life tells a unique story of not taking the back seat in life, a story of never give-up, tenacity, focus, dedication, commitment, infinite possibilities and most importantly not to think that your background will automatically shape your future.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

My biggest hurdle was not knowing how I will go to university since no one has a university degree in the entire family. Nobody knows how to help me with my goals of attaining a university education. I went the extra mile to prove myself and apply for several local scholarships and that was how I was able to go to the University of Lagos on a scholarship while also working as a salesperson at a local recharge card kiosk.

Your advice to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

Don't let your family history or background determine your future! Believe in your dreams and stay consistent working on it. Also, connect and add value to people that have done what you are trying to do like a mentor and a coach.

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