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Vidhi Gulati | Canada | Diverse Talent

Helping North American Tech Companies Find Ace Tech Talent | Co-Founder

Vidhi Gulati is a trailblazer in the tech recruitment world, helping North American tech companies discover top-tier talent. As the Co-Founder of Canada Mentors, Vidhi's mission is to find the perfect technical talent for startups and scale-ups, whether locally or remotely. But her story goes beyond just recruitment. Vidhi's journey began as a first-generation immigrant, navigating the challenges of being a newcomer in a foreign land. This personal experience fuels her passion for mentoring skilled talent, ensuring they are prepared for opportunities with mission-driven, people-focused companies. Her empathy and dedication are the cornerstones of Canada Mentors, making it a unique and supportive environment for both clients and candidates.

Canada Mentors, a boutique recruitment firm founded in June 2020, partners with North American companies to provide specialized technical talent. Vidhi offers fractional recruitment services, helping companies in the USA and Canada hire the right talent effortlessly. Her skills in technical recruiting, strategic sourcing, global talent acquisition, and talent management have made her a sought-after expert in the industry. Before Canada Mentors, Vidhi honed her expertise at several notable companies. As an independent recruiter, she helped ScotiaBank, PayBright (now Affirm), and Molson Coors find diverse talent. At Moores Clothing For Men, she served as an HR Generalist, and at, she scaled teams threefold as the Head of People Operations. Her career also includes roles at The Spa Group and SpiceJet Limited.

Vidhi's academic background includes an MBA in HR from ICFAI Business School and a Bachelor's Degree from Delhi University. Her education laid the foundation for her entrepreneurial journey and her deep understanding of talent acquisition and HR strategy.

Canada Mentors is not just about filling positions; it's about building relationships and fostering growth. Vidhi's team leverages AI-enabled tools and proprietary AI platforms to match clients with niche skill candidates, reducing hiring costs by 50% and delivering results three times faster. This blend of technology and human expertise sets Canada Mentors apart.

Looking ahead, Vidhi sees the recruitment industry undergoing significant changes. AI will revolutionize sourcing, screening, skills evaluation, and employee engagement. She predicts that community and network connections will become even more crucial, and AI will be integral to every business and role. The evolving tech landscape, including no-code solutions, generative AI, quantum computing, and blockchain, will elevate the skills valued in talent acquisition.

Vidhi G.'s story is one of resilience, innovation, and passion. She's not just finding talent; she's shaping the future of tech recruitment. Stay tuned to see how she continues to make waves in the industry and helps businesses thrive.

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