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Thembi Matroshe | South Africa | Bet On Yourself

Curator | Stakeholder Manager, Policy Implementer | Culture Communications Specialist

Transformation, Inclusion & Diversity Advocate

Thembi Matroshe is a Johannesburg-based transformation advocate, communications specialist, program coordinator, stakeholder manager, and curator deeply committed to uplifting marginalized groups through various initiatives, including transformation and gender mainstreaming programs, cultural interventions, and policy implementation. With extensive experience in coordinating programs and projects across public, private, and civil society organizations, she currently serves as a communications specialist in the public sector. Thembi holds a BA in Art History, English Literature, and Media and Writing, as well as an Honours in Curatorship degree from the University of Cape Town. She is currently pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Management (Monitoring and Evaluation) at the University of Witwatersrand.

Born and raised in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, Thembi Matroshe harbored aspirations beyond her small-town origins. After completing her tertiary education in Cape Town, she ventured to Johannesburg, known as the City of Gold, to pursue her artistic and creative ambitions.

Working as a gallery assistant at Everard Read Johannesburg, one of the country's prestigious galleries, Thembi honed her skills as a fine art curator and advisor. Despite facing challenges, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the arts industry, she navigated her career path with resilience and determination.

Thembi's journey taught her the importance of adapting to change and leveraging her multidisciplinary educational background, skills, and networks to overcome obstacles. Her motivation stems from a deep belief in the power of purpose-driven action and the willingness to embrace discomfort as a catalyst for growth.

She encourages others to identify their purpose, align personal and professional goals, and pursue them with unwavering determination. Thembi's message resonates with aspiring professionals, urging them to take risks, bet on themselves, and embrace new opportunities for personal and professional development.

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Thembakazi Matroshe

Instagram: @thembi.matroshe

Twitter: @ThembiMatroshe


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