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The Hair Room | Stratford | More Than Just A Stylist

I am a strong believer that the basic skills get you by. However, an on going professional development keeps me on top of the trends and as a result keeps my clients looking fabulous and their hair healthy. It is my job, passion, and purpose to embrace the inner and outter beauty in everyone. Keeping everyone satisfied and bringing out that everlasting confidence. Gifted to work magic and show a good example of a trustworthy stylist, someone you can depend on. My biggest initial hurdle was honestly fighting the thought of -knowing if I would even succeed. Why anyone would choose me when there are salons pretty much every corner in town. However, the time and effort meeting new people and listening to their needs helped me achieve this. I also put in extra hours to begin with - initial startup. I made my time pretty flexible, but I had to sacrifice few personal lifestyle to be flexible for anyone who was thinking of becoming a client of mine - example is to going to every Blue Jays game.

I missed a lot in my early years but I'd say this - to new hair stylists starting from your basement or a small shop, you want to cut on cost so you stay late and don't hire out instead do all the work alone. As much of owing my own business, I do wish I would have know more behind the business side (hairstylist). I say this, because I know not everyone knows all the extra hours I put into each day prepping or the related bookkeeping at the end of each month. I know it comes with what I signed up for but there are times I do feel overwhelmed, but I work hard to get everything done at the end :). What inspired me to follow my dream was, I have worked in the hair salon industry for years. I was sick of all the hours and all my hard work to not get anywhere. I was helping people get richer lol. I wanted to create my own tribe and community. Therefore, I took that risk and now The Hair Room 1979 is now a zen for my 50 plus clients where I specialize in all hair trends - I keep my knowledge of the industry updated by taking 2 classes a year and attending the hair show in Toronto to see what is up and coming. I'd have to say continuing my education has kept me up and always gaining new clients. I always like to set goals for myself and business wise so I can try to achieve more. I really do have the BEST clients in the world - the feeling is more than mutual. I feel like we are all part of a huge family, they know as much of my life as I do in their life.

If there is any advice I would give to a young entrepreneur is, don't give up!! A lot people starting up, I know never give themselves time. Let face it - it is not going to happen overnight and however if it does - well good on ya. Keep your eye on the prize. Be flexible,build a relationship with your clients and take it day by day.

I also take the time to consult with each appointment. This helps me understand your likes and dislikes. I always take into consideration your face shape, your lifestyle and most importantly your HAIR! At this page, I strive to keep you up to date with promotions,information and show you how to take your hairstyle from the salon to your home.


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