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Tammy "Tam Tunes" Harper | Georgia | Daring Greatly

Executive Vice President - Artist Development | Pianist | Vocal Coach

I am a classically trained pianist and vocalist who became a full-time musician and added music executive and I am living my dream! I am the minister of music at my church, have over 20 private piano and voice students, perform at special events and have my own band Tam Tunes and The Gents! As a music executive, I am EVP, A&R with Wealth Nation/Sony and Empire/Universal and VP of Artist Relations with Rocstar Music Group. I am currently pursuing my passion as a full-time musician and enjoying my new role as a music executive! My objectives are to scout talent, increase the number of live performances I do and increase the number of piano and voice students I have and to do more volunteerism in the community sharing music with children as well as adults!

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

My initial hurdles were how do I support myself and my daughter at the time who was 5 years old as God told me it was time to leave my job of 15 years and be a full-time musician! God knew before I did that my gift would make room and 10 years later we live a blessed life!

Advice to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally? The advice I would give to young people is to dare greatly, as daring greatly is vulnerability and vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness according to Dr. Brene Brown! Also remember patience, faith and gratitude always!

Social Media Handles:

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